Wednesday, June 14, 2006

News Release from the Six Nations Haudenosaunee Confederacy



June 11, 2006

Six Nations Haudenosaunee Confederacy


The Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) have issued arrest warrants for seven (7) people from the Six Nations Reclamation site. Charges include attempted murder, robbery, intimidation and causing bodily harm.

The Haudenosaunee Confederacy deliberated this issue during Council on Saturday June 10th, 2006. The individuals involved in these incidents were brought before the Confederacy Chiefs and Clan Mothers, on Sunday, June 11, 2006, to discuss and understand the incidents. The Confederacy Chiefs and Clan Mothers spoke with these individuals about the Great Law of Peace and how it is to guide our actions. Our investigation is continuing. It was decided that for the safety of all involved, these individuals would be removed from the site until our investigation is complete. We are working with the Ontario Provincial Police and the Six Nations Police to ensure the safety of all people within our respective jurisdictions.

Our investigation has indicated the “Border Securtiy” vehicle being driven by the “police officer” was actually an Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearm (ATF) vehicle from the United States of America. Two officers in the vehicle were from the United States of America accompanied by an officer with the Ontario Provincial Police. We have found evidence that indicates these officers were in the area since April 2, 2006 assisting in the current policing of the occupation of the Six Nations Reclamation site. This is particularly concerning due to the reputation of the ATF. The Haudenosaunee are dismayed that the OPP gave permission to these officers from the United States of
America to assist in this situation without any prior communication to our people, this has incited an already tense situation. We are working with the Ontario Provincial Police to clarify this situation.

The Haudenosaunee has legally binding treaties with the Crown. The Two Row Wampum belt and the Silver Covenant Chain affirms the parameters of the relationship between our two governments. These treaties acknowledge the Sovereignty of our people and Nation. The Silver Covenant Chain speaks of a relationship between our two governments based upon Respect, Peace and Friendship. To have a good strong Friendship, there needs to be a commitment to exercise “Kanikonriio” that is the “Good Mind” which means equality, justice, and the Commitment to help each other in times of need. The Two Row Wampum Belt identifies the nation to nation basis which are people are to deal with. The Two Row Wampum Belt depicts our governments operating within our own “canoes”. This means that each of our respective governments will continue to operate under their own laws and will not interfere with the affairs of the other governments.

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A good read. I'm looking for info on the civil war and anything related to it.


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