Monday, June 12, 2006

McGuinty calls off negotiations with Six Nations/Kanenhstaton

Ontario Premier McGuinty is "no longer prepared to continue negotiations" with the Six Nations/Kanenhstaton people who have been occupying their land at the Henco construction site in Caledonia:

McGuinty calls off Caledonia talks
Caledonia protest has `exhausted' his patience, premier says
Jun. 12, 2006. 05:01 PM

Ontario’s premier has called off negotiations with aboriginals protesting at a development site near Hamilton, saying the group’s increasingly violent actions make it impossible to work together.

“A condition of our being at the table was that public safety would not be compromised. In fact, last Friday it was — without a doubt — compromised,” Dalton McGuinty said in the legislature.

“We are no longer prepared to continue negotiations.”

McGuinty said the province would only return to the table when the barricades at the disputed site come down and if aboriginals help with the police search for seven people in connection with recent skirmishes at the standoff in Caledonia, southwest of Hamilton.

Earlier Monday, McGuinty said the violence by the Six Nations people at the standoff has tried his patience.

“We have just about exhausted our goodwill and our patience,” McGuinty said.

Asked what he’ll do if the barricade doesn’t come down soon, McGuinty simply answered: “We’ll see.”


Read rest of this article here. (The Toronto Star)

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