Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Jack Layton demands Caledonia action

It's encouraging to see NDP Leader Jack Layton step up to the plate, and demand that PM Stephen Harper get personally involved to bring about a peaceful solution to the Six Nations (Kanenhstaton) land reclamation.

Wed, June 14, 2006

Caledonia action demanded

2006-06-14 02:43:06 MST


OTTAWA -- Prime Minister Stephen Harper must get personally involved to bring an end to the increasingly violent land dispute between Natives and non-Natives in Caledonia, NDP Leader Jack Layton demanded yesterday.

"Caledonia is a powderkeg that's about to blow," Layton warned, urging the feds to intervene to bring about a peaceful solution before it explodes into another Oka crisis.

That violent showdown near Montreal in 1990 pitted Mohawk Warriors against Quebec provincial police and eventually Canadian soldiers.

A police officer was shot and killed during the dispute over a Mohawk claim to long-held ancestral land that was being considered as part of a new golf course.

Harper said yesterday his government was doing its part to prevent a similar confrontation.

"We are working closely with Ontario," the PM assured the Commons. "We support the Ontario government's position that the law must be respected and must be enforced," Harper said.

Calgary Sun

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