Saturday, May 27, 2006

Gun Guys: NRA Bankrolls Defense of License to Murder Killer in Arizona

The NRA is pulling out all the stops to sell even more guns to the already trigger-happy Americans and bring back the 'Wild West'.

Harold Fish, a retired school-teacher, shot an unarmed homeless man in Arizona. Now he’s facing trial for second-degree murder, and the NRA is bankrolling his defense. It is all part of the NRA's backing of a law dubbed "License to Murder".

"Why would the NRA have a financial interest in this litigation? Oh right. License to Murder. The NRA is currently backing a law all over the country, including in Arizona, that would make what Fish did completely legal. No investigation, no trial. The homeless man’s family couldn’t even sue Fish– the NRA’s License to Murder law lets anyone fire away as long as they “feel threatened.” And we have Fish’s word here (the only other witnesses, as far as we know, were the dogs) that he felt threatened. If the NRA’s law had alreay passed in Arizona, they wouldn’t have to fund Fish’s defense. That must be their “financial interest.”

Read the full story about this latest American insanity here (Gun Guys).

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