Saturday, May 27, 2006

CBC "The Current" - Native Racism

I have posted a link to Friday morning's (May 26) edition of CBC Radio's program The Current which featured a segment about native racism. I have just listened to it and found it informative and interesting.

Most Canadians are probably unaware of the racism toward our Native People that has been simmering until it reared its ugly head again during the ongoing Six Nations Caledonia land dispute.

Our schools have not taught us about the turbulent, conflicted history of our acquisition of this land - how much Native blood was spilled; the injustices we have perpetrated; and the lies, double-dealings, subterfuge and broken promises that are ongoing to this day. Since our schools have failed so miserably in this task of educating us about the whole picture, it is incumbent upon each and every one of us to learn our true history to help us better understand the situations of today. For, only by seeking the truth can we come to terms with the past, begin to right the wrongs, recognise and defeat racism, peacefully and equitably resolve deeply-rooted, contentious issues, and co-exist in harmony with one another.

CBC "The Current" - Friday May 26, 2006


Native Racism

For months, an aboriginal land dispute has divided the residents of Caledonia, Ontario along racial lines. On Monday, after hopes were raised that the barricades -- both native and non-native -- would come down, tensions boiled over, and fist-fights broke out. Along with the fisticuffs came racially-charged insults that undermined the claim that the two sides had lived happily together, side-by-side for years.

The land dispute has been going on for nearly three months now. And on Monday, racial slurs -- like referring to natives as "pow-wows" -- were hurled across the barricades. Some might have been surprised to hear the racist words being thrown about so easily ... but not our next guest.

Taiaiake Alfred is the Director of the Indigenous Governance Program at the University of Victoria. He was in Victoria this morning.

Native Racism: Anti-Racism Program

Taiaiake Alfred isn't the only Native Canadian to say that racism is an inherent part of his everyday life. Because of that, many natives spend their lives working on programs to help aboriginal people succeed despite that racism.

One of those people is Sioux Ranville. He's the founder of a Winnipeg-based group called Indigenous Youth Empowerment and he was in our Winnipeg studio.

Listen to The Current: Part 1 (see link above)

(Due to various rights issues some segments may be edited for internet use)

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