Friday, May 26, 2006

A non-native view: "Caledonia is not just a 'native' problem"

Dr. C. Lloyd Brown-John is professor emeritus, public administration at the University of Windsor. This is his view on the Six Nations Caledonia protest, published in today's Windsor Star:

C. Lloyd Brown-John, Special to The Windsor Star
Published: Friday, May 26, 2006

When a group of aboriginal protesters hauled a large metal structure across Highway 6 at the outskirts of Caledonia on Monday evening -- a re-blockade of the highway -- I was reminded that this situation has real consequences for those of us in southwestern Ontario.

The large metal structure was part of a hydroelectric transmission tower. It was part of one of the many large towers currently being installed for a new transmission line. The line currently under construction will when -- perhaps "if" -- completed, bring electric power from Niagara Falls to southwestern Ontario. Some work on completion of the transmission line can't be carried out because of limited access to tower construction sites due to the protest.

If the transmission line is not completed soon, there is a very real possibility residents of southwestern Ontario will experience power shortages and brownouts over the summer.

I have several personal interests in events in Caledonia, including electrical power. I was there for a few days last week and saw the barriers. My daughter's place of employment is on the front line and she faces police, media and shouting aboriginals every time she goes to work. Three of my grandchildren attend a school which backs onto the property claimed by the aboriginals. All three have had police escorts in order to reach their school. My oldest granddaughter has missed school for several days and has had the types of emotional upsets a 12-year-old can experience when she fears for her home and physical person.
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