Monday, April 17, 2006

Why Can't Bush Cut Rumsfeld Loose?

I really like reading BuzzFlash articles, and particularly enjoy the zappy, no-nonsense approach of the commentaries and editorials. They certainly are not afraid to pull punches and show outrage at the duplicitious actions of their government and Chief.

The editorial excerpted here illustrates what I mean:

April 17, 2006


Why Can't Bush Cut Rumsfeld Loose? Let Us Count the Reasons.

BuzzFlash attributes this to a number of things: Bush prefers incompetent loyalists over intelligent self-starters; Bush thinks that he is inspired by God, accountable only to himself, and that no one's else's opinion counts; Bush will never admit that he's made a mistake and chronically mistakes failure for success; Bush has no idea what to do without Rumsfeld, even if Rumsfeld is doing destructive things; Bush, a man who was never in combat, thinks that he knows better than the military leaders; Bush won't cut Rumsfeld loose at a time that they already have begun secret support of guerilla combat activities against the Iranian government; and, among other reasons, Bush is always afraid that if he fires an inept loyalist, the loyalist may become disgruntled and write a "tell all" book that will reveal the dirt on Bush's personal complicity and illegal behavior.

(See for full editorial.)

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