Monday, April 17, 2006

'The Most Evil People in the World'?

Psychologist Doug Soderstrom has pondered the question of who are the most "evil" people in the world. He has "come to the conclusion that the Christian fundamentalists, also known as the religious right, are the most evil people in the world. Others (such as those of various Islamic terrorist groups) were considered, but after due consideration, the Christians won……. hands down. In fact it was no contest." He explains what he considers as 'evil', and backs up his claims with mentions about this group's hatred of homosexuals, xenophobia; deep disdain of the Women's Liberation Movement; the enslavement of blacks and the Civil Rights Movement; corporal punishment; the death penalty; backing of U.S. wars of aggression; NRA; and more.

In an excerpt from his essay, Soderstrom asks:
So, as a psychologist, I am compelled to ask: what is it that seems to have motivated such people to have become so depraved, to have chosen a style of life so opposed to everything that Jesus taught? What is it that has led fundamentalists to become such a mean-spirited gathering of folks? What is it that such people have in common, that which might serve to explain why they have led such horrid lives?

Dr. Soderstrom explores Christian fundamentalism, and tries to "shed a bit of light on the mystery of how, and, perhaps even, why such a self-righteous group of folks has become so terribly evil……".

Read his full article at ICH. Then let me know if you agree or disagree with Doug Soderstrom's conclusions.

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