Thursday, January 11, 2007

Gary McHale plans another meeting in Caledonia on Sunday, Jan. 14

Gary McHale is planning on holding a Town Hall meeting in Caledonia on Sunday at the Lions Hall. It is hoped that by calling/e-mailing/faxing the Lions Hall & expressing our concern about them allowing Mr. McHale to rent their facility on Sunday, we can have some ability to deter Mr. McHale from constantly stirring up trouble and provocation towards the people of Six Nations in their peaceful stand for their land. If you feel you can help with this undertaking, please see the contact info below for Dennis Howden and the Lions Hall.

Site Location McKinnon Park
Office Phone Hall: 905-765-3222; Hall Rental: 905-765-2661;
Toll Free Phone 1-877-233-3352
Fax 905-765-0711

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