Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Bush's Escalation Provokes Constitutional Crisis - and Progressive Mobilization

Progressive Americans of have this info and actions below in the wake of Bush's proposed Iraq troop 'surge': (In case anyone missed it, Bush gave his speech at 9 pm tonight, outlining his reasons for this 'surge'. As expected, it was the same-old b.s. tying Iraq to the 'war on terror': we must fight them there so that we don't have to fight them here, those terrorists in Iraq hate us for our freedoms and want to hurt us, etc...etc... and he added Iran and Syria for good measure, likely to set up his incursion into those countries, if he isn't already in there. However, this time Bush tried a bit more 'sincerity' -- unsucessful, in my opinion -- and mentioned that things were not going well in Iraq, and that an escalation in violence and troop casualties should be expected before the situation improves... All in all, it was the same old verbal diarrhea his administration and neo-con supporters have been inundating us with for the last 4 years, ad nauseam... It remains to be seen how Democrats and the American public react to this 'surge', other than what a few Democratic Senators have already said so far. Meanwhile, anti-war protesters were out in full voice in front of the White House, but this was downplayed by CNN and the rest of the msm ... And anyone who thinks Bush's 'new plan' has even the remotest chance of a modicum of success is as delusional as the Shrub Administration.)


Bush's Escalation Provokes Constitutional Crisis - and Progressive Mobilization

Showing his utter contempt for the will of the American people, George Bush is moving ahead with his plan to escalate the War in Iraq by 20,000 troops, starting by January 31.

Senator Ted Kennedy is drawing a line in the sand by introducing a bill to require Congress to approve Bush's escalation. But Bush is making it clear he would defy Congress - just as he has defied the American people.

Just as we predicted, Bush is provoking a "Constitutional Crisis" - which will force Democrats to put impeachment back "on the table" sooner rather than later.

Note that many members of Congress will claim they have no power to stop this. A report from the Center for American Progress Action Fund shows that Congress does have this power and has often used it in the past:

Senator Ted Kennedy has introduced a bill to block this escalation:

You can let your Congress Member know you expect them to block any escalation and immediately begin defunding the war and bringing our troops safely home:

Be sure to sign our impeachment petitions:

Ten Reasons to Impeach Bush and Cheney
Impeach George Bush and Dick Cheney

At long last, the broad progressive movement is gearing up to stop Bush by organizing events both locally and nationally. You can find local events in your area, or post them yourself for others to sign up and attend at:

Below are listed some selected national events to plan for. A more complete list is at:

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