Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Omega-News Collection 23. December 2006

Climate set to go from bad to worse
http://freepage. stories/3097929/

Leading German Researcher: Oceans Warming and Rising
http://freepage. stories/3099632/

Climate change: So where has all the snow gone?
http://freepage. stories/3076598/

Oceans May Rise Up To 4 ft 7 in By 2100
http://freepage. stories/3074621/

The Last Tide Could Come at Any Time, Then These Islands at the End of
the Earth Will Simply Vanish
http://freepage. stories/3097454/

New Brunswick's Coastline Victim Of Global Warming
http://freepage. stories/3079265/

China's River Dolphin Declared Extinct
http://freepage. stories/3083704/

Nature responds to warming signs
http://freepage. stories/3097984/

Climate Change vs Mother Nature: Scientists Reveal That Bears Have
Stopped Hibernating
http://freepage. stories/3097435/

The Year the World Woke Up
http://freepage. stories/3093073/

http://omega. topics/Vote+ USA+2004/
http://freepage. topics/USA/

Iraq War
http://omega. topics/Irak- Krieg/
http://freepage. topics/Iraq+ War+-+Irak+ Krieg/

Is Iran next?
http://omega. topics/Is+ Iran+next/
http://freepage. topics/Is+ Iran+next/

http://omega. topics/RFID/

EMF-Omega-News 23. December 2006
http://omega. stories/3099809/

http://www.buergerw start.html
http://groups. group/emf- omega-news/

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