Wednesday, December 27, 2006

New Video for Sale on Conversion Talk

The Necessity of the Conversion of the Military Industrial Complex
Video of Bruce Gagnon's Speech at Chautauqua, N.Y.
The Global Network now has for sale a new one-hour video of a speech by Bruce Gagnon at the Chautauqua Institution on July 4, 2006.
The video, produced by Snowshoe Films, has been created for airing on local cable TV stations and for showing to local groups.
In the talk Gagnon discusses the U.S. occupation of Iraq, the use of space technology to direct modern warfare, Bush's new offensive national space policy directive, and a transformative vision of economic conversion for ending America's addiction to militarism and endless war.
The talk was hosted by the Chautauqua Society for Peace and Social Justice. The video ends with bonus coverage of footage of Gagnon being interviewed on two different radio shows while at Chautauqua.
The video sells for $13 (includes s/h).
Global Network Against Weapons & Nuclear Power in Space
PO Box 652
Brunswick, ME 04011
(207) 729-0517
http://space4peace. blogspot. com (our blog)

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