Thursday, October 19, 2006

Toronto: Oct. 25: Fantastic, Free Anti-War Screenings at Innis Hall, 7 pm, Homes not Bombs!

Development and Peace, Homes not Bombs, and Science for Peace Present the Canadian premiere screening of the award winning-film "Camden 28: What Would You Do to Stop a War?"

Wednesday, October 25, 2006, 7 pm
Innis Town Hall
University of Toronto
(corner of St. George and Sussex, just south of Bloor Street)

"What do you do when a child is on fire, in a war that was a mistake? What do you do? Write a letter?" -- Msgr. Michael Doyle, one of the Camden 28, who faced 47 years in prison for destroying government draft files during the war against Vietnam.

What would YOU do to stop a war?

"Camden 28" is an award-winning film by Anthony Giacchino in a Canadian premiere presentation. It documents the efforts of 28 women and men who came together and, in an act of hope, worked to destroy draft files to keep young men from going to kill and be killed in Vietnam. Faced with 47 years in prison, they stood their ground in court, winning an unprecedented acquittal. The film is a remarkable document that explores the faith-based strands of resistance that were a common feature of the late 1960s and early 1970s (among them, perhaps most famously, the Berrigan brothers). The draft board raids in total destroyed almost 1 milion draft files, exposed the FBI's CONITELPRO program, and landed a number of Catholic priests on
the FBI's most wanted list, all for trying to respond to the challenges posed by living out Gospel nonviolence in a time of terror. The film mixes archival footage with contemporary interviews of participants and re-enactcments of the trial they faced.

The film will be preceded by a new short called "Mothers Day at Wescam", that documents two days of nonviolent resistance actions at the Burlington, Ontario-based manufacturer of targetting systems for some of the deadliest weapons systems on the planet. Wescam is part of L-3 Communications Canada, the #1 military contractor in the country.

At a time when we are faced with wars in Iraq, Afghanistan, Sudan, and countless other locations around the globe, the films challenge us to explore what we can do, here in Canada, to end the cycle of violence right here in our own backyard.

Join us for a compelling evening of inspiring filmmaking.
For more information: Homes not Bombs, (416) 651-5800


1. Sat., Oct, 28: Country Music Fans Against War welcomes the Dixie Chicks to the Air Canada Centre. Join a welcoming committee that will hand out flyers to the thousands of Dixie Chicks fans who will be coming to the concerts. The Dixie Chicks have taken a lot of heat for speaking out against the war in Iraq, including having their music banned throughout North America from radio airplay, as well as death threats, but as they say in their new CD, they are not ready to make nice. "I'm not ready to make nice, I'm not ready to back down, I'm still mad as hell and I don't have time to go round and round and round..." All people, even those who do not care for twang and twin fiddles in their music, are welcome.

2. Tuesday, Nov. 7, 12 Noon-1 pm, Join us for our monthly vigil at Moss Park Armoury, Queen and Jarvis. It must be turned from a war training facility into affordable, not-for-profit housing!

3. Friday, November 10, 7 pm: Reel Activism Presents "Conviction," the amazing story of three nuns who performed a symbolic act of resistance on a nuclear missile silo and were sentenced to over three years in prison. Bloor Street United Church, 300 Bloor Street West, at Huron St. (2 blocks east of Spadina subway).

9. November 18: A training session in nonviolent direct action in preparation for a Nov. 20 direct action at L-3 Wescam. Those interested in meeting beforehand to work on some of the artistic and theatrical elements of our action, based in part on the theme "war is a preventable disease," should contact (For example, we would like to make large papier mache syringes to inoculate L-3 executives against militarism).

10. Monday, Nov. 20, late morning: Legal Rally, Street Theatre, and Mass Trespass Nonviolent Direct Action at L-3 Wescam in Burlington, Ontario.

Join affinity groups from across Ontario as we seek to transform L-3 Wescam from a war profiteer into a company that actually makes stuff to help people.

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