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North American Union (NAU) - How to end USA, Canada & Mexico

COOPRADIO.ORG: North American Union (NAU) - How to end USA, Canada & Mexico

WHEN: Monday Oct. 16, 2006 at Noon - 1 PM PT

TOPIC: A special 2 1/2 hour program on the topic of the NORTH AMERICAN UNION. The NAU is the plan initiated March 23, 2005 between the heads of state of the US, Canada, and Mexico to integrate the three countries under a common currency and common governing aparatus.

GUESTS: Connie Fogal, leader of the Canadian Action Party; Mel Hurtig, publisher;
and Steven Yates, U.S. author of the Matrix series of articles.

HOSTS: Alfred Lambremont Webre, Jeff & Diana Jewell, and Don Nordin.

CAP: Connie Fogal
Vive Le Canada: Mel Hurtig
Steven Yates



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Date and Time of Program: Monday, October 16, noon to 2:30 pm


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Building a North American Community

Report of the Independent Task Force on the Future of North America

What follows is a brief summary of the report. Note the involvement of the Council on Foreign Relations in the development of this report and its policy "recommendations". For further background information about the CFR and its role in establishing the one world system, see our Shadow Government section. Scroll down to the bottom of this page for the complete report, which follows the summary. The report is in portable document format (pdf) and must be read with Adobe Acrobat Reader.

Report originally located at

Special thanks to Connie Fogal of the Canadian Action Party, who wrote the summary below and to Wanda Benton of the PRC-Digest for calling it to our attention.


The North American continent is being transformed from three sovereign nations (Canada, USA, Mexico) into one regional corporate power base, the North American Union.

Unlike the creation of the European Union, there is no public political/ academic discourse on the merits, or pros and cons of a North American Union building up to a vote within each nation as to the wish of the people to join such a union. Instead the union is being created by stealth, is already well on its way to fruition, and is being imposed on us by our own "elected" representatives and government with no opposition.

The ultimate enforcement mechanism for the North American Union is a police state. The tools for the police state are "anti-terrorist" laws. Anti Terrorist laws are a ruse to strip the people of their liberties in order to prevent dissent. The Orwellian justification is "security", "safety".

The plan of this Canada-U.S.-Mexico task force is to establish a continent-wide customs union with a common approach to trade, energy, immigration, law enforcement and security that would virtually eliminate existing national borders. The task force released its recommendations for a common North American in May 17/18, 2005.There was minor reference to it in mainstream media - no headline presentation.

The recommendations include:

a common security perimeter by 2010
a North American Border Pass with biometric identifiers.
a unified border and expanded customs facilities
a single economic space
a common external tariff.
seamless movement of goods within North America.
A North American energy strategy -as a regional alternative to Kyoto.
Review those sectors of NAFTA that were excluded.
A North American regulatory plan that would include "open skies and open roads" and a unified approach on food, health, and the environment.
Expand temporary worker programs and create a "North American preference" for immigration for citizens of North America.
A North American Investment Fund to build infrastructure to connect Mexico's poorer regions in the south to the market to the north.
Restructure and reform Mexico's public finances.
Fully develop Mexican energy resources (Mexico wisely kept their energy out of NAFTA)
A permanent tribunal for trade and investment disputes.( Here is where any vestige of democratic government disappears)
An annual North American summit meeting.
A Tri-national Competition Commission with a common approach to trade remedies.
Scholarships for a network of Centers for North American Studies. (To serve the corporations)

JUNE 6, 2006
Legislators and civil society groups of the North American region call for halt to Security and
Prosperity Partnership and replacement of NAFTA

Ottawa At a press conference today, legislators and civil society networks from Canada, the U.S. and Mexico unveil a collective plan to bring an end to deep integration and replace NAFTA with a people-centred trade model. "We must reshape trade agreements in North America to ensure rising standards of living for our peoples," says U.S. Congresswoman, Marcy Kaptur (Democrat, Ohio). The groups met in Ottawa on June 5, 2006, to extend the work of the first North American Forum held in Washington in May 2005. This second forum brought progressive legislators together with representatives from civil society networks Red Mexican de Accin frente al Libre Comercio (RMALC) of Mexico, Canadian organization Common Frontiers, le Rseau Qubcois sur l'intgration continentale (RQIC), and the Alliance for Responsible Trade (ART) from the United States.
"NAFTA has aggravated poverty across the continent," says Pierre-Yves Serinet of RQIC.

According to NDP Trade Critic, Peter Julian, there is no doubt that under NAFTA most Canadians are poorer. We have been fighting to make adjustments and now it is clear that NAFTA has to be replaced. It is not working for the vast majority of inhabitants of North America. It has failed on the bottom line."

In anticipation of the March 2007 "Three Amigos Summit" that will be held in Ottawa, the new group will create a North American secretariat and introduce simultaneous legislation in Mexico, the U.S and Canada to replace NAFTA. It will build opportunities for public engagement on the issue of continental integration.
Rosario Quispes of RMALQ describes the Security and Prosperity Partnership, as "a distorted, more dangerous version of NAFTA." "We need to work together to stop the Security Prosperity Partnership because the negotiations have been anti-democratic, without transparency and promise to benefit only the business elite of the region," says Victor Suarez, Member of the Mexican Parliament (Partido de la Revolucin Democratica, D.F.).
Civil society groups applaud participating parliamentarians for involving the public
Something the governments of the three states have failed to do. "We want to work to with civil society to develop another model of integration that will ensure prosperity for all," says Bloc Qubcois MP, Pierre Paquette.

For more information, please contact:
Mooa Lahbabi, Parliamentary Assistant to Peter Julian: 613-222-4074 or
Nancy Gagnon, Office of Pierre Paquette: 613-996-6910
Meera Karunananthan, Common Frontiers: 613.795.8685 or
Pierre-Yves Serinet, RQIC: 514-705-7820


Wednesday, October 4, 2006

Mr. Peter Julian (BurnabyNew Westminster, NDP):

Mr. Speaker, far from standing up for Canada, the Conservative government is waving the white flag of surrender.

We see this with the softwood lumber sellout. We see this with the Wheat Board sellout, and we see it in the secret Banff meetings. This government is prepared to give away everything in its endless efforts of capitulation to the Bush government, with ministers committed to giving away even more of Canada under the so-called security and prosperity partnership. Remodelling Canada as a carbon copy of the United States means lowering our quality of life and Canadian standards in food safety, health, labour rights, transportation and the environment.

The NDP is pressing for full disclosure of everything the Conservative government is doing to sell us out, just like the Liberals did, and diminish our ability to build the society Canadians deserve.

In the upcoming election, Canadians will have a clear choice between the sellout versions of Canada by the Conservatives and Liberals and a vision of a new, proud, independent Canada promoted by the NDP.


Documents Reveal Bush/CFR "Administrative Coup D'etat" of America
Bush 'super-state' agenda to create American Union is now official

Steve Watson, Paul Watson & Alex Jones | September 28 2006

Journalist Jerome Corsi has received the first documents pertaining to a FOIA request asking for full disclosure of the SPP office in its activities towards creating a Pan American Union.

According to a report by World Net Daily, the documents reveal that the Bush administration is running a "shadow government" without congressional oversight in conjunction with Canada and Mexico under the guise of a program "to increase security and to enhance prosperity among the three countries through greater cooperation."

Corsi asserts that a wide range of US administrative law is being re-written in stealth under this program to "integrate" and "harmonize" with administrative law in Mexico and Canada.

The documents contain references to upwards of 13 working groups within an entire organized infrastructure that has drawn from officials within most areas of administrative government including U.S. departments of State, Homeland Security, Commerce, Treasury, Agriculture, Transportation, Energy, Health and Human Services, and the office of the U.S. Trade Representative.

Corsi has further reported that at a recent high-level confab in Banff, an assistant U.S. secretary of state, Thomas A. Shannon , chaired a panel that featured a presentation by Prof. Robert Pastor, author of a book promoting the development of a North American union as a regional government and the adoption of the amero as a common monetary currency to replace the dollar and the peso.

The open plan to merge the US with Mexico and Canada and create a Pan American Union networked by a NAFTA Super Highway has long been a Globalist brainchild but its very real and prescient implementation on behalf of the Council on Foreign Relations has finally been reported on by mainstream news outlets.

After nearly ten years of reporting by Alex Jones and the rest of the Patriot Movement, the establishment press is finally covering serious reports on the plan for a Pan-American Union, based on recent articles by Human Events columnist Jerome Corsi.

Back in June World Net Daily reported ,

"The White House has established working groups, under the North American Free Trade Agreement office in the Department of Commerce, to implement the Security and Prosperity Partnership, or SPP, signed by President Bush, Mexican President Vicente Fox and then-Canadian Prime Minister Paul Martin in Waco, Texas, March 23, 2005."

The article even carries the admission that the Council on Foreign Relations, often the bane of sophomoric stereotypical caricatures of paranoid conspiracy theorists, played a fundamental role in crafting the policy for the homogenization of the US, Canada and Mexico.

"Many SPP working groups appear to be working toward achieving specific objectives as defined by a May 2005 Council on Foreign Relations task force report, which presented a blueprint for expanding the SPP agreement into a North American union that would merge the U.S., Canada and Mexico into a new governmental form."

This admission is as historical as it is concerning - the CFR moulds the foundational policy for the elimination of American sovereignty and it is passed as executive law within weeks. It is once again evident that the true vestiges of power lie within the ranks of the CFR and the Trilateral Commission who act on policy decided upon by the big brother of multinational semi-secret steering societies, the Bilderberg Group.

Up until five or six years ago the CFR largely operated in the shadows, only publishing its mouthpiece Foreign Affairs, and any inference that the group held sway in US politics or even existed was met by heckles of incredulity from the establishment media. Now the Associated Press openly reports their guiding hand in the drives towards global government.

The framework on which the American Union is being pegged is the NAFTA Super Highway (pictured) , a four football-fields-wide leviathan that stretches from southern Mexico through the US up to Montreal Canada.

Corsi's work cites government websites which carry full planning details of the Super Highway and its construction has already begun in Texas with no congressional oversight whatsoever. The Trans-Texas Corridor is being overseen by The Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) and the contract is owned by the Cintra corporation which in turn is owned by the King of Spain Juan Carlos. The project is being financed by the implementation of a toll that will be collected by means of GPS tracking devices installed in all vehicles and also envelops many connecting roads to the highway.

The NAFTA Super Highway will allow vehicles, people and goods to travel from Mexico, into the heart of America and up to Canada with little impediment, effectively erasing America's borders wholesale.

Coupled with Bush's blanket amnesty program, the Pan American Union is the final jigsaw piece for the total dismantling of America as we know it.


Global Research Feature Article

URL of this article:

Secret Banff Meeting of CEOs and the Defense Establishment : Militarization and the Deconstruction of North America

by Michel Chossudovsky

September 19, 2006

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