Sunday, October 15, 2006 and Bush's "Mission Unaccomplished"

Mission Unaccomplished: TomDispatch Interviews with American Iconoclasts and Dissenters (Paperback)
By Tom Engelhardt's Review (excerpt)
"At a time when the mainstream media leave out half of what the public needs to know, while at the same time purveying oceans of official nonsense, the public needs an alternative source of news. For years now, Tom Engelhardt's Tomdispatch has been that for me. He is my mainstream. Now he presents a series of brilliant interviews he has done for the site, and they, taken as a whole, themselves form a searching chronicle of our time." --Jonathan Schell

We're very proud of our BuzzFlash interviews, but we've got to admit that nobody does it better than Tom Engelhardt.

Engelhardt is the master of the interview with noted experts which give a contextual overview to the public policy issues facing our nation and our world.

If the mainstream media news coverage is basically an ongoing surf wave of headlines, Engelhardt lays out the whole ocean in his ever-probing website If the MSM gives us all factoids and no perspective, Tomdispatch envelops us in context, history and relevance.

His interviews, as illustrated in the "Mission Unaccomplished" collection, help us to connect the dots.

Engelhardt, an editor by profession, is ever-curious and ever-probing. And as with BuzzFlash, his interviews are revelatory conversations that never seem contrived, because they aren't.
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About Tom Engelhardt:

"A writer of titanic energy and commitment."

-- James Wolcott, Vanity Fair

"Haute cuisine for the brain."

-- Tony Karon, Time

"Engelhardt is a national treasure."

-- Juan Cole

" is one of the wonders of the Internet."

-- Adam Hochschild
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