Monday, August 21, 2006

New Videos and Updates on Six Nations Land Claim Struggle

The Autonomy & Solidarity website has uploaded five more videos of interviews with people involved in the Six Nations reclamation.

They include: an interview with Jan Watson talking about a recent incident where Caledonians armed with baseball bats and iron bars confronted people on the reclamation site and their supporters; Doreen Silversmith giving a report back from her visit to the UN, Native Youth Movement member YoungBlood talking about his involvement in the reclamation and Six Nations supporter and trade union activist Lindsay H. talking about her work with the group "Community Friends for Peace and Understanding with Six Nations".

Autonomy & Solidarity

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Excellent videos, was so happy and amazed to see the ones of Jan & Lindsay, I never knew they existed. haha. Its amazing to see the good that has come out of this regarding the youth, how far they have come and are going, I love Youngblood to pieces and am so proud of him and I tell him every chance I get...before this, during and will continue to support him and our people.

By Anonymous proud auntie, at 2:35 AM  

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