Sunday, August 20, 2006

Clean Diesels and Motorcycles

This week's update from, is filled with interesting news items, including a Washington Post analysis about the differences in gasoline prices throughout the U.S., "clean diesel" cars; the growing trend of motorcycles and the rise in accidents attributed to these vehicles, and more informative gasoline-related news.



August 16, 2006: With waiting lists for hybrid cars getting longer and longer, the winners in the "Plan B" category of auto sales are likely to be "clean diesel" cars and motorcycles/scooters. Public safety officials are growing increasingly concerned about a surge in motorcycle accidents attributed to the fast-growing ranks of newbie bikers ... The good news: Gas prices are easing by a few pennies a gallon right now. The bad news: It looks like the damage may already be done to the U.S. economy in terms of crimping summer vacation plans ... If you've ever wondered why your friends and relatives in other parts of the U.S. pay so much more (or less) for gasoline than you do, make sure to read this Washington Post analysis ... You may already have noticed: sky-high gas prices and energy independence are major themes in the 2006 mid-term elections ... Could Detroit possibly still not be getting the message? Even as Toyota and other automakers respond to the public's clear appetite for increased fuel effiency, U.S. automakers are actually introducing heavier and heavier cars that gulp gasoline like it still only costs $1.50 a gallon ...

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maybe cities and highways will 'get with it' and have motorcycle only' lanes. at least there weren't any of the bio-diesel and ethanol bashing reports here.....those are getting tiresome and their reasoning so bogus.

By Blogger Scout, at 8:00 PM  

They should, like they have in many places in Europe, and bicycle only lanes too. yep, the bio-desel and ethanol bashing do get extremely tiresome. Big Oil is behind their reasoning.

By Anonymous Annamarie, at 9:48 PM  

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