Saturday, August 19, 2006


CBC Television has not yet confirmed the premiere broadcast date of the two-part mini-series: INDIAN SUMMER: THE OKA CRISIS. However, according to the broadcast schedule on, the show will air on September 15 (part 1) and September 22 (part 2) at 8:00 pm.

INDIAN SUMMER: THE OKA CRISIS (2 x 90 min.) was awarded Best Dramatic Feature at the 2006 Dreamspeakers Film Festival in Edmonton, Canada, and received an Honourable Mention at the 2006 First Peoples' Film Festival in Montreal.

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ugh, you're doing better than me, i haven't gotten around to posting this yet!!!!!! i'll have to go to someone's house to watch it. bit by bit all the truth will come out.....then maybe, just maybe one day the caledonia wake up hate mongers will see. there's always hope.

By Blogger Scout, at 1:59 AM  

Yep, there's always hope. Don't you get CBC? You know that you're always more than welcome at my house... So when are you coming over??? Still waiting... :)

Maybe I should remember to tape it for my library. That way, if you miss it, I can snail-mail it to you.

By Blogger Annamarie, at 9:51 PM  

we don't have cablevision and newer t.v.'s don't have an outlet for an antenna (sheesh!), otherwise we could probably pick it up.

i may have to take you up on your offer :)

By Blogger Scout, at 3:11 AM  

I'll make several tapes, and send you one for sure. no problem. :)

By Blogger Annamarie, at 2:36 PM  

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