Sunday, August 20, 2006

Famous Stupid People quiz at Harper-Valley

If you enjoy political satire with an acutely keen wit, be sure to check out my favourite blog Harper-Valley. Scout is having an ongoing hilarious quiz, where readers try to guess the latest famous stupid person from the clues given. The last such 'Famous Stupid Person' was Idi Amin. Imelda Marcos was given that honour in a previous quiz.

Also check out Scout's 'If Only They Were Normal' series. Totally--irreverently-- funny!

Go here to put in your guess for the latest quiz: Harper-Valley Humour, jokes, parody, fun, wit, satire, commentary on Prime Minister Stephen Harper and Canadian Issues

This site is definitely a daily 'must-visit', and simply the best on the web for intelligent, parodic, political humour. Canada's answer to the likes of Jon Stewart. And Scout works some incredible magic with photos of the famous and the infamous.

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