Sunday, August 27, 2006

Elizabeth May Green Party of Canada new leader

Elizabeth May, newly elected leader of the Green Party of Canada
[CP Photo/Fred Chartrand]

Elizabeth May, long-time activist, one time senior policy advisor to Brian Mulroney's government, and former Sierra Club of Canada Executive Director, was elected leader of the Green Party of Canada with 65% of the more than 3,200 ballots cast across Canada on Saturday.

During her acceptance speech, Elizabeth spoke out against Canada's present role in Afghanistan, against the Harper government's complicity with Bush from Afghanistan to Kyoto and against U.S. policy on nuclear weapons among other things.

She spoke with exhilaration and political savvy about issues that she and the Green Party will want to address, which included: renegotiating NAFTA, the present cancer epidemic in Canada, the unsustainability of unlimited econonomic growth, the imperative of meeting Kyoto commitments, US nuclear weapons proliferation, the US budget deficit which is destablizing the world economy.

Climate change is the single greatest threat to Canada's future according to May.

"We're a strong voice for action on the climate crisis and for shifting Canada back to its traditional role as peacekeeper," said May.

She also says that Canada's growing number of poor and homeless must be addressed. Elizabeth maintains that Canada's foreign policy is becoming too similar to that of the U.S.

Congratulations to Elizabeth May, who brings to her new role a credible and experienced public policy record, both inside and outside government; a strong track record in grassroots organizing; a comprehensive understanding of global political and economic issues and threats facing Canada, global society and the planet; and the insight, intellect, media savvy, effective rhetoric and proven leadership skills to shift perspectives, influence political opinion, shape ideas and work collectively to make a positive impact.

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Hello annamarie,

My, what a nice blog! I am pleased to look it over.

Yes, Elizabeth May is going to take the Greens into the public spotlight. She already has, as testified to by the large amount of MSM coverage she got!

It was almost like the MSM was thankful to have someone saying something intelligent for a change? LOL

Anyway, I did want to stop by and say hello.

I, too, love 'As Good As It Gets' What a hoot!

Later when I have more time.

By Blogger Bill-Muskoka, at 4:21 PM  

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