Friday, August 25, 2006

Canada's Shame

Thanks to Thomas Walkom, National Affairs Columnist of the Toronto Star, for raising the issue of Canada's poor. Poverty is not merely something that inflicts developing nations -- it is an ever-increasing tragedy of 'rich' Canada, and our shame.

The cost of living has increased tremendously in the last two decades while social assistance has declined, making those receiving 'benefits' subsist at far below the poverty level. Politicians of all parties make promises that fall far short after they are elected, and poverty is ignored. The voting public doesn't realize that the average person is but a pay cheque or two away from poverty themselves.

A society is measured by how it responds to the plight of its less fortunate, and Canada falls far behind most developed nations. Poverty must be eradicated here at home before Canada is able to address poverty on a global scale. We need to show our elected politicians they must respond because we care. The escalation of poverty will cause a much higher price: the dissolution of a civil culture.

In closing his article,Thomas Walkom cites a question asked by the National Council on Welfare: "Have both governments and the Canadian public turned their backs on the poorest of the poor?" Let our conjoined Canadian voices and votes reply with a resounding "NO!"

Read Thomas Walkom's article: "In rich Canada, welfare worsens".

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nice on annamarie! :D

i think your pointing to 'the dissolution of a civil cutlrure' is right on , a very astute observation. seems we're headed back to the dark age.

By Blogger Scout, at 12:19 PM  

Yes, I think so too. Glad you liked the post. Had some help... :)

By Anonymous Annamarie, at 4:07 PM  

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