Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Six Nations Update, Augus 21

Six Nations spokesperson Hazel Hill sends this update from the Grand River:

Update from Grand River August 21, 2006

Sago from Grand River. This week has been a successful week with our youth camp activities. The camp, now known as ROOT CAMP (Reclaiming Our Onkwehonweh Traditions Camp) has had an attendance of around 25 eager young men and women who are participating in the activities. It is open to young men and women from Six Nations and the ages while geared toward 14 years and up, has had others a few years younger attending as well. The co-ordinators of this camp are Carmen Thomas and Andrea Curley and they have been doing an excellent job of facilitating and organizing. The first week's activities included Storytelling about Creation and Relationships by Pete Isaacs, an Introduction to Art with on-site logo/mural ideas and painting and drawing presented by Tonia Hill. Norma General and Gerry Burning were in to discuss men's and women's roles, Scott Hill presented Lacrosse Teachings for Men, Wendy Hill was in to speak more about roles and responsiblities of men and women, and Beading was taught by Kim Smith. The youth also enjoyed a full body contact game of rugby (the day after a good rain, and they had a blast!), and they have also went into the bush to cut their own sticks for a game of dingballs.

One of the highlights of the week was the preparation of traditional foods which included duck, bison, and deer meat that they prepared and invited the community in to enjoy. Brian Skye did the hands on cooking lesson with them and it wasn't long before they got in there and took right over. There have also been many sessions where they have been encouraged to share their own stories of who they are and why they are here. For this session, Andrea and Carmen held talking circles for them to participate in. I am really proud of the youth as well as the facilitators as they are all working very hard and everyone is looking forward to this week's events. Nya Weh to all of our helpers who came in to share with the youth as well. It is much needed and appreciated and it is our hope that while this camp is only sheduled for 15 days, the youth are already asking that it continue after that time.

As far as the site itself, obviously all are concerned with tomorrow's court date at which time the Ontario government's appeal to Justice Marshalls ruling will be heard. The court has appointed James O'Reily to offer his perspective on what he believes the issues are with respect to the Six Nations, but the people have made it very clear that he is not representing the Haudenesonne, nor is he speaking for any of the Six Nations. Basically, he is there at the request of the court to try to explain why the court should allow the process of Nation to Nation dialogue to continue rather than upholding Marshall's ruling, which ultimately is calling for the OPP to come in and remove the people from the site, and henceforth, eliminating the possibility of a peaceful resolution. There is a lot of discussion taking place regarding the possibilities should the appeal process be denied, but until then, there is nothing to report. Our delegates will proceed to the talks on Wednesday as has been originally scheduled. I will do an update tomorrow evening to let all know what happens with respect to the appeal, and until then, I ask that all of our supporters continue to pray for Unity, Peace, Light and Love and Justice for Creation......after all, that is what we are all here for isn't it?


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heh heh, several months ago i went to caledonia's wiki page and was appalled at what i read. so i edited it. added a link to the camp. put in 'alleged' a lot....that kind of thing. go there every now and then to see that it stays more even.

By Blogger Scout, at 1:34 AM  

Whooee! Thankee kindly, AnnieGal, fer puttin' up that there letter from Ma Hill. I been noticin' the right-wingers's been makin' a lot more noise 'bout Caledonia than the lefties. I'm happy t' see yer payin' attention.

Here's sumpin' a lot o' folks don't know. Judge Davy Marshall personally owns hunnerts o' acres o' land hisself that're part o' the Grand River Tract. His own house is right on the riverfront, fer cryin' out loud. Howcum a guy with so much vested interest gets t' set on the bench an' pass judgment?


By Blogger JimBobby, at 9:30 AM  

Keeping the cultures alive,I love that!

By Blogger Jeff Msangi, at 3:51 PM  

Scout, glad to know that you are staying on top of it at Wiki. Good idea!

JimBobby, yes I know that about Judge Marshall. His sitting on the bench for this case is an obvious conflict of interest. I ask the same question as you do, and I don't know how this is allowed.

Jeff, indeed it is good that the Six Nations people are keeping their culture alive.

Thank you all for your comments!

By Anonymous Annamarie, at 8:21 PM  

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