Sunday, July 30, 2006

Media bias on Middle East

Vocal minority protest any criticism of Israel.

It seems that Canadians can make derogatory statements about our neighbour to the south and their president and cabinet without raising much of a whimper either here or there. Yet similar critical judgments about Israel — such as those of Phil McNeely, a Liberal MPP from an eastern Ottawa constituency, who recently stated that Israel is a "rogue state" — immediately cause the borscht to boil.

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I'm afraid this orwellian censuring by Jewish organizations is a near worldwide phenomenon. It is the universal acceptance of it that is a mystery to me.

These organizations equate criticsm of Israeli policy to racial intolerance of Jews, and as if by magic, they never have to defend those policies.

The falsehood is so blatantly obvious that I am baffled at why Premier McGuinty couldn't have responded that is was one MPP's opinion on the policies of Israel and had absolutely nothing to do with the Jewish people and be done with it.

Carolyn Parrish was given free reign to speak in harsh and offensive terms about President Bush's policies and rightly so. I don't see why Israeli policies are off limits.

By Blogger Peace, at 5:42 PM  

It is beyond my comprehension as well. I'd like to know just when this phenomenon took root. If anyone out there knows, I'd be interested. I don't remember it being this bad years ago...

To equate criticism of Israel with anti-semitism is totally ludicrous, and is itself racist. Israel's policies have nothing to do with a person's views of Jewish people in general. If someone criticises Canada's PM Harper's policies, does that make them anti-Canadian?? I have many Jewish friends who are critical of Israel's policies, so does that make these Jewish people anti-Jewish, or anti-semitic??

Israel and its policies are not above that of any other state, hence not above criticism.

Personally, I will continue to speak critically about any group, state, government, political party/leader, ideology, etc... if I feel justified in doing so. That is my right as a citizen of the 'free world'. This does not make me a racist, or any other kind of ist or ite. It simply makes me human.

As for McGuinty, he just showed his total ignorance, once again.

By Blogger Annamarie, at 2:03 AM  

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