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OPP & U.S. "ATF" operatives on Six Nations? / Hazel Hill's Update from the Grand River

This is Kahentinetha Horn's latest article about situation at the Six Nations land reclamation site. Apparently the OPP had invited in the American ATF (who were complicit in the Waco fiasco). While I concede that the OPP have a difficult task of trying to maintain a modicum of law and order and are purportedly there to try and keep the agitators at bay, I must question why they would even consider bringing in the notorious ATF (or invite/allow supposedly off-duty ATF to take pictures and 'case' the reclamation area). What were they thinking? Whose idea was it? This already volatile situation does not need any more fuel added to the fire. Indeed, negotiations need to be stepped up in earnest before this turns into a bloody conflagration.

Those Caledonia residents who are planting signs on their lawns saying "bring in the army", I ask them: "what are you thinking"? Do you really think this will solve anything? Can't you understand how terrible the repercussions of such actions would be? Do you honestly want an all-out war and the possibility of the blood of innocents shed on your doorstep? Please, people, think before you act! I implore all residents of conscience to speak out in your community against hatred, bigotry and violence toward your Indigenous neighbours. I realise that this situation has been going on for 102 days, and tempers flare, people are affected, your lives have been thrown off kilter. However, please listen to the voice of reason that is deep inside all of you, and help work toward a peaceful resolution. Violence, bigotry and hatred will only divide you further, while leaving deep wounds which will not heal for a very long time. Instead of standing against your Native neighbours, please stand in solidarity with them. They have real issues which must be dealt with expeditiously, judiciously and peacefully. Please do not let your anger rule, instead find the compassion in your heart. Listen to that voice of peace within....

Hazel Hill's June 9th update follows Ms. Horn's article.


MNN. June 10, 2006.
It was reported that Canadian Prime Minister Harper allegedly said on television about the 102 day Six Nations-Caledonia situation, “The protesters are either going to kill the Indigenous people or the Indigenous people are going to kill the protesters!” [he hopes?] What does he mean? Indian Affairs Duncan Campbell Scott’s 100 year plan was to turn all the settlers against the Indians and eliminate the “Indian problem” for good, completing their theft of Turtle Island.

Is this why the Canadian government has invited the lethal American ATF – Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms – onto Six Nations? Why, now of all times, when the Americans are closing their borders to ordinary Canadian? Why is Canada inviting covert Americans operatives to spy on Six Nations? The ATF went to Waco Texas and on April 19, 1993, surrounded a community of fundamentalists and attacked and killed 63 people, among them many children. Cameramen and reporters happened to be there at the ready to video tape the carnage that followed. They say the attack began when an ATF agent accidentally shot himself in the foot. Noxious and flammable tear gas fortified with kerosene was thrown into the Branch Davidian compound, as armored vehicles rolled in. The compound burst into flames and the ATF with their M60 tanks smashed everything down. The FBI and the US Army came in afterwards to destroy the evidence that the ATF left behind. Two years later on April 19th, 1995, the ATF offices were blown up in Oklahoma City killing over 685 people.

More and more people are beginning to suspect that the US government is being torn apart by internal gang wars. If this theory is true, the ATF is in the thick of it. This is one of the oldest and most lethal agencies involved in covert operations against citizens. Canadians have always tried to steer clear of the fanatical fringes of American society. This is one of the main reasons why the Canadians have never joined the United States and have remained separate, north of the border.

The Americans have tried to invade Canada many times before and the Six Nations were always there as staunch allies. Since becoming independent from Britain Canadians seem to be forgetting their history. They’re being dragged deeper into the maelstrom of US power politics. Strange things are happening these days. Suddenly we’re not allowed to go south of the border unless we have passports. But the OPP and other Canadian agencies are helping Americans to spy on us. What gives? Who is this show time for right now?

Read Hazel Hill’s Update from Six Nations, June 9, 2006.

Kahentinetha Horn

MNN Mohawk Nation News


June 9, 2006.
Today has been a day of unrest at the land reclamation site. While we won't go into great detail on what has happened today as a press release is being prepared, let us say that the intimidation tactics and pressure from the outside has been worked up to the point that 1000 OPP [Ontario Provincial Police] officers are being dispatched to the area surrounding the reclamation site. Caledonia residents are up in arms, demanding the removal of our people from the site. They are even going so far as to set up a barricade on the recently opened Plank Road (Argyle Street) leading into Caledonia.

The intimidation tactics leading up to today were constant..... including army helicopters and others flying overhead all hours of the day and night. They hovered overhead between 2 and 4 in the morning with their lights off and their nigh vision on , and then on occasion, shining high powered lights down onto the people on the site. [this is all the same as their tactics in Oka in 1990].

We are being faced daily with people driving by, hollering racial remarks including "go home you f'n Indians", "get a job", "your gonna die" etc. Garbage is being thrown at us. Besides the "flipping of the bird", there have been times where firecrackers are being thrown out the car windows toward us. These incidents, however, are not investigated by the OPP because “they are not breaking any laws”. [See ‘Rocks at Whisky Trench, National Film Board]. [what about hate laws, human rights and racial discrimination?]

Today a United States Border Patrol vehicle was retrieved with high powered surveillance equipment in it. The first story from the OPP was that the "A.T.F. Officer" was just visiting friends in the neighborhood and taking pictures "kinda like a tourist". [Right! With a high tech surveillance van? He left the family car at home?] He was spotted just down from the front line barricade. We followed them to the back door of the reclamation site. Later we questioned what the United States ATF was doing snooping around taking pictures of us with the OPP riding in the back with them. They changed the story saying that they had been invited in by the OPP. [Why? Was the OPP getting lonely looking at each other? Did they need more maniacs to make themselves feel more comfortable?] What were they doing here? What is their mandate? The OPP refused to tell us why these people have gotten high government official clearance to be so far out of their jurisdiction. An OPP officer was hospitalized as a result of this incident. A CHTV Newsperson/cameraman had to get stitches as a result of a previous run-in with our people. [CHTV 11 not only reports the news, they “create” the news].

This situation is not good. [All reports from CHTV 11 are anti-Indigenous].

The incidents of today are a direct result of the constant intimidation tactics of the OPP, the military and the continued racist acts instigated against us by the Caledonia people [with their professionally made “Bring in the Army” signs always in their car trunks, just in case the cameras are there]. Other strategies are the recent blocking of our children from using the arena for lacrosse games and the back tracking by the Ontario government at the “talks”. This is supposed to push everything up to the ultimate goal of Canada and Ontario. They want to justify stopping the talks about returning our lands to us.

At our fire tonight, we realized that Canada does not want to deal with the Onkwehonweh people because they know we are absolutely right in our position on the land, our sovereignty and upholding our Law.

This violence today occurred as a result of the underhanded and direct attempts at inciting an action from us to justify another attack against us. They want to make it look like we are uncontrollable. Why else have they been playing the "terrorists in Canada in court in Brampton" back to back with the "Six Nations land reclamation in Caledonia" on all the news stations? Canada, with the help of corporate media, is making sure the mental brainwashing of its citizens against the Onkwehonweh continues. [Across Canada people are not buying this corporate brainwashing].

How convenient that CHTV 11 was there even before this all started! How coincidently that the couple who sparked the violence with their racial attacks and their attempt to run over our people, drove straight to the Canadian Tire parking lot! How convenient that a "by-stander" happened to have a video camera across the road at the Tim Horton’s coffee shop video taping the whole scene [with a Boston Cream donut in the other hand]. He directly reported to CHML radio which happens to be co-owned by CHTV 11. Was it a co-incidence! Or were they already on standby knowing that a story was about to break. [Another high-priced promotion failed!]

It is unfortunate that our people fell for it. [Our guys are the only ones legally here]. The reality is, we are dealing with the constant mental, emotional and physical intimidation of the corrupt bureaucrats. Also, we face racial violence constantly. Does anyone know for sure how they would react in the same situation?

The potential for violence against us here in the next while is tremendous. [Expect this to happen. This is their “bad act” and no one’s buying any tickets for it!] The Caledonia people want to take us off our land. The OPP are maintaining a line between the Caledonia residents and the reclamation site. [Just like the people in Chateauguay in 1990. See “Act of Defiance” by the National Film Board]. We don’t know how long this is going to last. Our people are on alert. We are on the site unarmed. We are trying to maintain the peace. We are keeping the people within the inner perimeter. We will continue to forward updates. Please forward to others. Stay Strong and keep the Peace. Hazel

You support is crucial now. Do whatever you can. Use your good mind and heart. Stand by us in solidarity and support.

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