Friday, June 09, 2006

Day 101 at Six Nations Protest Site

This is Ms. Kahentinetha Horn's (of Mohawk Nation News) report of today's very disturbing events at the Six Nations reclamation site:


MNN. June 9, 2006. It is now day 101 since the Six Nations reclaimed OUR stolen land. The peace that we have managed to maintain so far was marred by two serious incidents.

The first began when a small gray car with two passengers drove up to the front of the reclamation site. These two guys stayed in the car and started harassing the people by shouting racist threats at them. Finally, some of the Indigenous men got fed up, walked over and told them leave. But they just would not stop. Then they tried to run over them with their car. This infuriated the men. They chased them into the nearby Canadian Tire parking lot and surrounded them. If you believe in coincidences, you will find it amazing that there just happened to be a cameraman from the anti-Indigenous Channel 11 standing there videotaping everything. hen the Ontario Provincial Police OPP quickly arrived and took the two harassers away. In the meantime, the men told the reporter to stop videotaping them. He would not. They grabbed his camera and then him and beat him up. They confiscated the gray car and drove it onto the site.

Not long after another vehicle drove up to the front of the reclamation site. There were two men in a Tahoe with all kinds if aerials, antennas and gizmos on their rooftop. As if this wasn’t strange enough, it sported an American license plate and writing on the side that looked like they were part of the U.S. Border Patrol. Were they lost? Did they forget where their jurisdiction ended? Or they did they just not give a s**t? It is well known that American Officers sometimes forget they don’t officially control Canada as far as we know. They are not supposed to conduct police activities north of their border. They had some high tech cameras and were clicking away taking pictures of everything and everyone. Our men went over and told them to “Get the hell out of here”. When the men got close, the two guys drove screeched away so fast that they did a wheelie.

Not long after these same two guys were spotted lurking in the back of the subdivision at the site taking pictures again. The men went over and told them to stop. They refused. That’s when the men got mad again. Next thing you know, there was a big fight and the two American operatives got the worst of it. One landed in the hospital badly hurt, so we are told.

According to the OPP the first two guys in the gray car incident are in hospital. Seems they both had heart attacks! Do you believe that? The OPP claim the guys in the American car were beat up by two of our men. Instead of consulting to see how incidents like these could be prevented in the future, the OPP have demanded that the two men who allegedly beat up the American spies be immediately turned over to them, even though they don’t know who they are. In other words, everyone’s becoming irrational. This just the excuse the OPP has been waiting for.

Now armed forces are coming out of hiding and building up again around Six Nations. Looks like nobody wants us to have a peaceful summer.

OPP should do something about the provocateurs who have broken the protocols that we established with them based on the Two Row Wampum. Instead of presenting us with ultimatums, the OPP should ask to meet us so we can all talk about this together.

One thing that is of mutual concern is the trespassing of the Americans who are functioning outside their jurisdiction, violating both our law and that of Canada. We trust the OPP will not blame us for the American invasion and will take their complaint to the appropriate authorities.

This is the time for mutual respect between our two nations, the Six Nations and Canada. If there is a problem, Canada should place a complaint with our Royaner so that we can find a route of peace, not of war. If the OPP want to play an aggressive role, this means they refuse to take responsibility for the wrongs that have been committed against us by their people. This makes us think they just want to shoot guns at us.

Kahentinetha Horn

MNN Mohawk Nations News

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