Thursday, June 08, 2006

Kashechewan update

Looks like the Ontario government is finally addressing the issue of Kashechewan:
Ex-minister to draft Kashechewan plan
Jun. 6, 2006. 07:10 PM

OTTAWA ­ A former Ontario cabinet minister has been appointed to come up with a long-term plan for Kashechewan.

The remote First Nation on the James Bay coast in northern Ontario has been evacuated three times in 15 months because of flooding and polluted water.

Alan Pope will work with residents over the summer to discuss whether they should be relocated, and where.

He is to deliver an action plan to Indian Affairs Minister Jim Prentice this fall.

"Clearly, we've heard different points of view from the community on whether people wish to stay in the current location or move five kilometres to one site or 40 kilometres to another site," Prentice said Tuesday outside the Commons.

Read full article here (Toronto Star).

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