Tuesday, June 06, 2006

CBC Radio: "The Ideas of Metta Spencer"

CBC's "Ideas" program tomorrow night (Wednesday June 7) will broadcast Paul Kennedy's interview with Metta Spencer about her book and other concerns. It's from 9 until 10 pm at 99.1. If you miss it, they supposedly rebroadcast them several times.

CBC Radio - Ideas. Its about ' responsible use of tv as a medium', something along those lines and more.....

About Professor Metta Spencer

" Before retiring from the University of Toronto, I coordinated a program in peace and conflict studies. My introductory textbook, Foundations of Modern Sociology, was published in nine editions. Since my retirement in 1997 I continue as the editor of Peace Magazine. Another book, Two Aspirins and a Comedy: How Television Can Enhance Health and Society, will be released in February 2006. It deals with the impact of entertainment in human affairs , ranging from our health (dramas stimulate emotions and emotions can make you sick or healthy), to our ethics (especially as we empathize with good or evil characters) to our social policies (as we learn -- correctly or incorrectly -- how to handle social problems). I hope to stimulate awareness of the potential uses of entertainment to improve personal and societal well-being. Now I'm getting back to work on another unfinished book, Bears and Doves, which shows the impact of the international peace movement on Soviet military policies. "

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