Monday, June 05, 2006

June 2006: Lots of New Stuff from Kersplebedeb

Kerpslebedeb of the Sketchy Thoughts blog, now has lots of new stuff up on his NEW website, loaded with the latest updates, info and links to timelines about the Six Nations Caledonia land reclamation in an easy-to-find format. You can find links here to exclusive DVD's, buttons galore and lots more highly-interesting, informative material! Indeed, Kerpslebedeb has been very busy with all the work put into both the blog and the new website, so please be sure to visit!

Here is an excerpt from the email I've just received from Kersplebedeb about the new material available on the wonderful, new website and more info about updates on the blog:

First off, two new additions dealing with one of the most important indigenous struggles against the Canadian State in several years. For those of you who do not know, since February 28th 2006 people from Six Nations and their supporters have been involved in a "land reclamation" outside the town of Caledonia, in Ontario. Successfully resisting a police attack on April 20th, enduring racist demonstrations from the settler population, the struggle at Six Nations has become a flashpoint in the ongoing conflict between Canada and the First Nations. For myself and for many other activists, it has been one of the most inspiring struggles in years.

You can read a lot about this on my blog ( and a complete timeline with loads of documentation is available from the excellent Settlers In Support of Indigenous Sovereignty site at

But of specific interest to people on this mailing list, i am very happy to announce that i now have two additions to my catalog that document the events at Six Nations so far:

Struggle for the Land: Interviews with Participants at the Six Nations Reclamation (April-May 2006). This 90 minute DVD consists of a series of interviews with First Nations activists occupying the site and video of the protests and counter protests concerning the reclamation of the Douglas Creek Estates. In what ranks as one of the most significant indigenous confrontations with the Canadian State since the 1990 Oka crisis, participants speak in their own words about what is at stake in their struggle. Includes videos with reclamation site spokesperson Jacqueline House, Six Nations resident Robin Williams, supporter Mike Desroches, a member of the Mohawk Warrior Society, kitchen organizers Gene and Ruby, footage of the racist anti-native protests and a variety of interviews with Caledonia residents. All footage filmed and produced by Tom Keefer. Proceeds of the sales of this video will go to supporting the Six Nations struggle at Douglas Creek Estates.

DVD 90 minutes - Autonomy & Solidarity
$15.00 US / $18.75 Cdn

Documents Regarding the Struggle at Six Nations, May 2006. This document - produced anonymously by "some people" - includes background material and documents regarding the struggle at Six Nations itself, as well as a useful chronology up until May 12th. Includes "Canada is a Colonial Country" by Andrew Orkin, "Caledonia's Mohawks Have Plenty Of Reason To Mistrust the Law" by Kenneth Deer, the Statement from the Clan Mothers, a report from the day of the police attack by Hazel Hill, and much much more. All funds from sales of this pamphlet go to support the Six Nations' Reclamation.

Please note that this publication can also be downloaded free of charge from the Frigo Vert website at
37 pages (letter size)
$4.00 US / $5.00 Cdn
The struggle at Six Nations has also inspired several of my new button designs. That's right, i've finally found time to make some new buttons - you can view them all at (i am not going to torture you all by listing them one by one here).
As always you can order directly off the website, or else by emailing me.

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