Sunday, June 04, 2006

Make Poverty History: Aid Legislation Debate

This is an urgent action alert from Make Poverty History:

URGENT: Federal aid legislation debate June 7, 2006

Dear Make Poverty History supporter,

Your help is needed to ensure that Canada's foreign aid reduces poverty - which should be aid's true purpose. Aid legislation will be debated in Parliament on June 7, and you can act today to help move this legislation quickly through the House.

Go to to send an e-mail to International Cooperation Minister Josée Verner, as well as your own Member of Parliament.

Make Poverty History has called for more and better aid. The UK has already passed similar legislation focusing its aid spending on reducing poverty. Canada currently has no legislation on foreign aid, even though all parties have expressed agreement that it is long overdue.

On June 7, the first (Bill C-293) of three Private Members' Bills on aid legislation will be debated. Add your voice to those of many Canadians who demand that such a Bill moves forward quickly to become law.

Make your voice heard on Parliament Hill!

Joe Gunn
Campaign Coordinator
Make Poverty History

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