Saturday, June 03, 2006

US clears troops in Ishaqi killings

A US military probe has exonerated US troops in the deaths of Iraqi civilians in Ishaqi north of Baghdad in March. Defence officials said on Friday that American forces followed standard procedures and committed no misconduct. Police in the town 100km north of Baghdad, said six adults and five children were shot dead in a US military raid on a home on March 15. But the US military maintained that there were four dead in the incident, including a guerrilla, two women and a child, and they died after troops were fired upon from the house as they arrived to arrest an al-Qaeda suspect.

Why doesn't this surprise me? The US will never be held accountable for the crimes they have committed and continue to commit. Remember My Lai? Was everyone involved in that massacre rightfully punished? And Cambodia? How about all the countless thousands, untold numbers of deaths caused by their black-ops and subversive tactics? Remember Central America? The Iran/Contra affair? El Salvador? The atrocities are just too numerous to mention. Other nations who have committed war crimes were held accountable. The US never was and never will be.

Read the article about this 'latest exoneration' here.

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