Friday, June 02, 2006

Canada's Political Mess

I am totally disgusted with all the scandals and outright chicanery that is plaguing the Liberal Party. It makes me want to just throw up my hands and not even bother to vote in our corrupt system. Yes, the scandals are mostly coming to light in the Liberal Party. However, the others are not much better. Harper reneges on his accountability by vetting who in the media can ask him questions, a la Bush, axes Kyoto, axes deal to move the problem-plagued Kashechewan reserve, etc., etc. (ad nauseam).

Now it has come to light that Liberal leadership candidate Joe Volpe has received about $27,000 in campaign donations submitted under the names of children as young as 11 years old who are the children of drug company executives. In damage control mode, Volpe said yesterday that he was 'raising the standards' of campaign-financing rules by returning the money, though teen-agers 14 and older are still allowed to vote in leadership contests, but the Volpe campaign won't allow donations in the future from anyone under 18.

Our entire political system is in a mess. It is resembling the U.S. more and more in its corruption. I am seriously considering boycotting all elections from now on.

Our province is not much better, as evidenced by its mishandling of the Six Nations crisis (where Judge Marshall has an obvious conflict of interest since he owns property in the area); Ontario's Disability Support Programme's inadequecies and total lack of concern for the disabled; McGuinty's not phasing out dirty coal-fired plants - preferring instead nuclear energy - and the list goes on and on....

Read about Volpe's damage control here.

Yes, I am angry. Very, very angry. And find it difficult not to adopt a futilitarian attitude.

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