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Oaxaca Indians of Mexico Send Support to Six Nations

Just received this information from MNN News, with permission to reprint:

Oaxaca Indians of Mexico send support to Six Nations

Brothers, Sister, Friends and Allies of Six Nations:

The Popular Indigenous Council for Oaxaca of Mexico sent the following letter to their brothers and sisters at Six Nations, with copies of the letters they send to the Governor General of Canada, Prime Minister of Canada, the Attorney General of Ontario and the Minister of Indian Affairs. They are shocked at Canada's use of force against Indigenous people who have legitimate claims. The English translation is first followed by the original letters. As you can see, there is growing fear all over the world that Canada does not accept responsibility for their theft of Six Nations land and are threatening violence to stop our peaceful protest. We thank the Indigenous people of Oaxaca and everyone else for their encouragement. Please continue to stand by us.
Kahentinetha Horn, MNN Mohawk Nation News
Brothers and Sisters,

We would like to send you our deepest salutations from the heart, we know about the hard path we Indians have to walk due to the rich peoples ambitions, but our love of Mother Earth and liberty is stronger, that's why we will keep defending them even if the price to pay could be death.

We want to tell you you're not alone, and that we have sent letters, by fax and email, to your governments to demand justice for your peoples

Our solidarity is with you

From Indian communities of Oaxaca,

For the reconstitution and free association of the peoples

Popular Indigenous Council of Oaxaca "Ricardo Flores Magón"



CIPO-RFM Representative

----------- SENT LETTER TO:

Oaxaca de Juárez, Oaxaca, México, April 13th of 2006. MICHAEL BRYANT,





With great shock and discontent, we learned from Six Nations Mohawk people's press releases that on March 3rd, Ontario Supreme Court gave to Henco company a legal order so the OPP could dislodge by means of force Native Mohawk people of Six nations from the land where the company plans to build 72 houses, the same projects that sits in ancestral territory, for which Natives have never in any way been consulted and which will not bring any good to the communities.

The Six Nations communities are defending their land based on Haldimand tract that was signed in 1784, which represent 9,6 kilometres on each side of Grand River from his source to its mouth. The Mohawk of Six Nations, since February 28th, have mobilized themselves to stop their Territories' illegal invasions and eviction menaces.

The Judge said in his verdict, during an audience held without Six Nations peoples even knowing, that if they didn't get out of the place by March 22nd at 2pm, they could be arrested and jailed for 30 days. On march 29th at noon, 6 boats, 3 vans and 15 polices came nearby the Mohawk camp, looking at them and taking notes. We oppose to the eviction and jail menaces they are subjected to for defending their territory. Canada must stop using repression to solution its legal disputes with Native Peoples.

We know that John and Don Henning, from Henco Industries Limited, say they have a title of property certificated by Ontario Provincial Government and which guarantees the company is the "legal landowner" of these lands, and they say "we are confined between a group of Natives and Federal Government". Canadian government has to solve the jurisdiction ant titles problem by political means, not with weapons.

In both international and Canadian Law, when negotiations are broken between the two Parties, " any person should have the access to an audience in a competent, independent and impartial Court." Since when is Ontario Court a neutral Court in a fight between Ontario and Indigenous Nations ? It is necessary to find an international mediator without any interest in the affair, or to create a meditation team that would include representatives from Native peoples and other States which are not involved in this particular case. But the mediators have to understand both colonial and indigenous Laws, such as the kaianereh'ko:wa. Canada has to find a peaceful solution to this conflict, establishing a nation-to-nation dialogue with On'kwe'hon:we people.

For all of the above and facing a possible unjustified eviction and serious Human Rights violations which could endanger the life and integrity of Mohawk people of Six Nations, we demand:

1. Henco Industries to cease immediately all construction on Six Nations ancestral territory ;

2. That the conflict get to a political and negotiated solution without Police interventions.

3. That a Nation-to Nation dialogue be established between Canada and On'kwe'hon:we nation.

4. That a resolution of the conflict should pass by a solution to the Titles and Jurisdiction problematics, and would mean for the Federal Government to take responsibility for his actions towards Six Nations, accordingly with its international law obligations.

From our countries, we will closely follow this situation Six Nations peoples have to get through.

For the reconstitution and free association of the peoples.

Popular Indigenous Council of Oaxaca "Ricardo Flores Magón"


The Organizers Group

Dolores Villalobos Cuamatzi

Rosario Gómez Hernández

Leonardo López Sarabia

Miguel Cruz Moreno

Pedro Barrios Vásquez

Agustina Reyes Martínez

Rosario Ortega Luciano

FREEDOM TO ALL CIPO-RFM JAILED NATIVES "VIVA LA AUTONOMÍA" visit our website : Consejo Indígena Popular de Oaxaca "Ricardo Flores Magón", CIPO-RFM. Calle: Emilio Carranza 210, Sta. Lucía del Camino Oaxaca, México. tel: +(951) 51-78183 y +(951) 51-78190 mail:,,

FOR DONATIONS IN THE NAME OF CIPO-RFM: Banco Nacional de México, SA. Domicilio Hidalgo # 821. col.Centro, Oax. C.P.68000, Sucursal Oaxaca, No. 120, Suit: Banamex: BNMXMXMM, Cuenta: 002610012077451770

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