Saturday, April 15, 2006

Hybrids Rise as Gas Prices Soar

This news from 40 tells about the growing popularity of hybrid vehicles in the U.S. as gas prices soar, with even higher prices predicted for the busy summer vacation travel season. However, there is a brewing backlash from gas-guzzling drivers. It may have something to do with a law passed in California last year about allowing solo drivers of hybrids to use the car-pool lane. But this backlash is not confined to California, and is causing 'road rage', or what hybrid owners call "Prius backlash".


April 12, 2006: No wonder the Gallup polling organization found that 57 percent of Americans now say they would consider buying a gas-sipping hybrid: Experts are warning that -- not only are lower fuel prices now permanently "in the rear view mirror" of American drivers -- but this summer's prices at the pump are likely to be up 25 cents or more from last summer's already sky-high levels ... As the Big Apple goes, so goes the nation? Prices at the pump have been spotted at the $3 or higher level this week in New York City ... Just in time for next April 15th: hybrid car tax credits for 2006 are now out from the IRS ... Hybrids may be hotter than ever, but there are more signs out there of a brewing anti-hybrid backlash on the part of gas-guzzling drivers ...

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