Saturday, May 21, 2005

Nature, while bathing in God's omnipresent light Posted by Hello

Still in Munich, Germany last summer with son, cousin, sisters, nephews, stepmom - trying to look happy, though we were there for a very sad reunion: the tragic death of my dear Papa Posted by Hello

At the famous Hofbrau Haus in Munich, Germany with my sister, nephew and son, last July Posted by Hello

After the rain, a beautiful flower Posted by Hello

My cat, Cica Posted by Hello

More Family Christmas Posted by Hello

Family Christmas Posted by Hello

Christmas 2004 Posted by Hello

Newsweek Bowed to Administration Pressure

I am perplexed by Newsweek's apology for an article it published last week about U.S. interrogators flushing a Qur'an down the toilet in an attempt to rattle suspects. Soon after, riots broke out in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Gaza, and Indonesia, among other places. The White House and Army quickly apologised, insisting they would look into the allegations. But there was also a sense that these riots had more to do with political unrest that had already been plaguing Afghanistan and the region than with the Newsweek article.

Newsweek did not publish anything incorrect. Its source - a senior government official - did tell Newsweek that he recalled the Qur'an toilet incident in the report. But, a few days later, the source cannot be sure that the incident was in the SouthCom report. Note that the editor of Newsweek stated that, "The source had been reliable in the past, and was in a position to know about the report he was describing." Also note that the Pentagon is still trying to find out if the allegations are true. Newsweek is obviously bowing to pressure.

This silencing of Newsweek further illustrates that readers seeking truth will not get it from the neutered commercial, mainstream media which only serves to further corporate and administration interests. For veracity please go Authentic Journalism sites such as: Narco News, Democracy Now, Common Dreams News Center, Mother Jones, Media, Media Lens,,, and many other similar, truthful online sites, as well as the nascent Independent World Television (IWT). However, I must add that Paul Krugman of the New York Times is one of the few mainstream journalists who often does speak out, in a voice resonating with truth and intelligence. Also, please read my postings herein, which are culled from these, and other excellent sources as well as some of my own thoughts. Now more than ever - during these perilous times - it is important to stay well-informed, for only then can we bring about positive changes for the benefit of all. Ignorance, complacency, and apathy will bring more disaster upon us and our planet.

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