Tuesday, August 07, 2007

My new Verbena-19 site

For all my latest posts, please check out my new Verbena-19 blog over at wordpress. I've been posting there since late January of this year, 2007, when I've had all those problems with Blogger while they were switching over to their new version. It became too time-consuming and problematic for me to post... However, instead of shutting this site down, I've decided to keep it, as it contains all my Archives since I first tried my untrained hand at blogging. This was my first attempt. It shows my gradual, slow 'evolution'. It is simply too much stuff to move, and I can't bear to get rid of it just yet. Lots of long hours, laborious trial and error postings as I was learning the technicalities of blogging, and many memories...

Feel free to browse around here and you will see what I mean, then come and check out my 'new site'... And thanks for stopping by.


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By Anonymous Anonymous, at 6:45 AM  


We can probably agree that peace in the Middle East is of primordial importance on the planet today.
I do not know if you attended today's pro-Gaza, "stop-the-occupation" rally on Bloor street. Reading a previous post, your presence there would not surprise me.
I do not agree with you that Israel is committing war crimes. How can those living in Israel, the sole democracy in the region, be expected to live in peace while they are constantly being bombarded with rockets aimed to kill them? Oh, please do not tell me that this is legitimate "resistance," a sick euphimism employed by terrorists. And do you also love the explosive belts being sported by palestinian babies (thrown onto them by their sick parents during protests)? Can you explain why, during this "peaceful" protest, there were some carrying signs that read: The myth of 9/11 is a pretext to war in Iraq, blah blah blah....
And you expect any moral thinker in the free world to take the protest seriously?
Annamarie, go to Sderot in Israel, learn what it is like to live in the sole democracy in the region while everyone around them seeks to destroy Israel.
How would you react if those in, say, Buffalo, were bombarding Toronto with rockets on a daily basis?
Ultimately, shame on you.

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 6:55 PM  

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