Friday, December 08, 2006

Laura Bush "I'm With Stupid" Fridge Magnet

Laura Knows the Score. We All Do.
Laura Bush "I'm With Stupid" Fridge Magnet's Review (excerpt)
BuzzFlash has long had mixed feelings about hanging the "stupid" label on George. A lot of stupid people are damn nice and good friends. It's not how much intelligence you have; it's what you do with it.

And Bush has done a lot of destruction with his limited brain wattage. It's a matter of character, not IQ.

Nonetheless, we couldn't resist this fridge magnet. You almost feel sorry for Laura. She's got Forrest Gump for a husband -- who thinks he's John Wayne -- and a couple of wilding twins. Maybe that's why Laura sneaks a cigarette now and then out backside of the White House.

So, maybe stupid is as stupid does after all.

Or maybe Bush was just born under a bad star.

In the end, he's left a path of destruction in his wake that has been as reckless and arrogant as it's been just plain dumb.

Laura knows, but she's married to the mob.

What's a person to do?
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"A daily reminder that while Laura can divorce George, we appear stuck with him. People are dying because of his obstinance and stupidity. Like a nasty, doltish ex-husband, you just want him to move on as soon as possible."

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