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Ontario Health Coalition: Long term care announcement

Upcoming Long Term Care Press Conferences:
The New Long Term Care Act Has Passed Second Reading
Call for Cross-Province Public Hearings

The Ontario Health Coalition, in partnership with the local health coalitions and the Ontario Coalition of Senior Citizen's Organizations will be holding cross province press conferences on the new Long Term Care Act next week. Our key issues are outlined below.

The coalitions will be calling for a clear guaranteed minimum care standard to provide 3.5 hours minimum hands on care for residents, and province-wide hearings on the Act which has just passed Second Reading and has been referred to the committee for hearings. We are expecting the hearings in January/February but it is not clear how many communities will get them.

If you want hearings in your community, you need to phone your MPP right away. The full list of MPPs is available on our website at:

Press conferences have already been held in St. Catharines and Peterborough.

In addition to these, the following are coming up:

Tuesday, December 12:
10 am Hamilton - press conference coordinated by Amy Maas of the Hamilton Health Coalition. Location TBA.
10 am Windsor - press conference coordinated by Mike Longmoore of the Windsor Health Coalition. Location TBA.
10 am Guelph - press conference coordinated by Magee McGuire of the Guelph Health Coalition, Evergreen Senior's Centre, 683 Woolwich St.
1:30 pm London - press conference coordinated by Jim McKenzie of the London Health Coalition, Location TBA.

Wednesday, December 13:
10 am Toronto - press conference coordinated by the OHC, with Ethel Meade of the Ontario Coalition of Senior Citizens' Organziations (OCSCO) and Darrell Dular of the Alliance of Seniors. Location TBA.
11:15 am Thunder Bay - press conference coordinated by Evelina Pan and Barb Macki, at the CAW l.229, 109 North Syndicate Ave.

Thursday, December 14

11:00 am Sudbury - press conference coordinated by Anne Marie McInnes of the Sudbury Health Coalition, Navy League Hall, 19 Regent St. South

Additional communities and locations will be sent out as soon as possible.

Ontario Health Coalition
15 Gervais Drive, Suite 305
Toronto, Ontario M3C 1Y8
tel: 416-441-2502
fax: 416-441-4073

Some key points:

1. Currently there are 49,700 nursing home beds of which about 10,200 are non profit. Currently there are 24,700 homes for the aged and rest homes beds of which 16,700 are public (municipal) and the rest are non profit (8,000). (Total figures: 39,500 for profit, 18,200 non-profit, 16,700 public.) These beds are governed by three Acts: The Nursing Homes Act, The Charitable Institutions Act, and The Homes for the Aged and Rest Homes Act. Under the Harris government, the Red Tape Commission recommended that the three existing Acts be rolled into one. Since then, there have been reports that the Ministry of Health and Long Term Care has been drafting a new Act. Bill 140 - An Act Respecting Long Term Care Homes is the new Long Term Care Act which repeals the three existing acts and replaces them.

2. There is no obligation for the government to provide for and fund access to long term care. In fact, the fundamental principle in the previous Acts stated that homes should be run to adequately meet the needs of the residents. This is now removed. In all the sections of the act that deal with admissions and standards there is no obligation of the Ministry to provide access to care and adequately meet the care needs of residents.
3. Many of the standards and other provisions of the Act will be set out in regulations. But there is no requirement for the government to consult on the regulations. We are advocating for a consultation process.

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A good lobbying resource is this Ontario politicians contact list. It is more up to date than the government link you provided.

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