Wednesday, December 20, 2006

DN!: Robert Fisk at the Muslim Public Affairs Council Conference

December 20, 2006
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* Oaxaca Protesters Describe Jail Beatings, Abuse by Police

In Mexico, the government has released 42 protesters two weeks after they were rounded up during a demonstration in Oaxaca. Many of those released say they were beaten in jail and describe abuse at the hands of police.

Democracy Now! producer, Elizabeth Press and journalist and Global Exchange Human Rights Fellow, John Gibler file a report from the streets of Oaxaca.


* Robert Fisk Criticizes 'Experts' Cited in Iraq Study Group Report *

Robert Fisk, Chief Middle East Correspondent for the London Independent, recently participated in a roundtable discussion on the Iraq Study Group report held at the sixth annual convention of the Muslim Public Affairs Council. We play his comments.


* "I Don't Think We Westerners Care About Muslims" - Robert Fisk Delivers Keynote Address at MPAC Convention *

Veteran war correspondent Robert Fisk of the London Independent recently delivered the keynote address at the sixth annual convention of the Muslim Public Affairs Council. Fisk says, "Do we in fact really understand the extent of injustice in the Middle East? When I finished writing my new book, I realized how amazed I was that after the past 90 years of injustice,
betrayal, slaughter, terror, torture, secret policemen and dictators how restrained Muslims have been towards the West."


* Headlines for December 20, 2006 *

- Bush Acknowledges US Not Winning Iraq War
- Bush to Seek Troop Increase
- New Defense Sec. Gates in Iraq; Abizaid to Step Down
- Iraq VP: Bush ³Blackmailed², ³Brainwashed² Blair over Iraq
- US Contractors Accused in Baghdad Jailbreak
- 2 Killed as Hamas-Fatah Truce Begins
- GOP Rep.: ³I Fear We Will Have Many More Muslims in the US²
- Cheney to Testify in CIA Leak Case
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