Thursday, December 14, 2006

Council of Canadians: Antonia Juhasz and the Iraq Study Group Report

Many of you will remember Antonia Juhasz from our most recent annual general meeting in Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island.

In an e-mail from today she writes, "Significant media attention is being given to the Iraq Study Group Report. Absent from virtually all analysis, however, is the fact that the Report calls for the privatization of Iraq's oil industry. Whether or not such privatization is achievable, the report makes clear that U.S. intervention in Iraq should continue until the country's oil is "secure." It is vital that we in the peace movement continue to demand loudly and clearly the end of BOTH the military and CORPORATE invasions of Iraq."

If you go to you can listen to an interview Antonia did today with Amy Goodman on "Democracy Now!" on this issue.

If you go to you can read Antonia's AlterNet article, "Oil for Sale: Iraq Study Group Recommends Privatization".

In this article she writes, "Put simply, the oil companies are trying to get what they were denied before the war or at anytime in modern Iraqi history: access to Iraq's oil under the ground. They are also trying to get the best deal possible out of a war-ravaged and occupied nation. However, waiting for the law's passage and the need to guarantee security of U.S. firms once they get to work, may well be a key factor driving the one proposal by the Iraq Study Group that has received great media attention: extending the presence of U.S. troops in Iraq at least until 2008."

To listen to the audio of Antonia's presentation at our AGM on the "Integrate This!" panel go to and scroll down to Plenary Session #3.

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