Monday, December 11, 2006

Organising our Coming Out at the United Nations / Report on ILGA's activities at the United Nations in 2006

Report on ILGA's activities at the United Nations in 2006

The statement delivered by Norway this Friday December 1 is but a step, a glorious and historic one with the greatest government support ever, in a process started in 1992 with the first speech on gay rights ever given at the United Nations in the name of ILGA. An arduous process which fortunately and unexpectedly went through an acceleration in 2003 when Brazil presented the first resolution banning discrimination on sexual orientation and gender identity.

ILGA, as the only worldwide federation of LGBT groups, has played its role in this process. Our efforts to have sexual orientation and gender identity come out at the United Nations grew in importance in 2006 and organised around three aspects:

- Gaining the right to speak in our own name at the United Nations: the ECOSOC campaign
- Maintaining an LGBT presence at the Human Rights Council: read the speeches given by actists at the UN in October 2006
- ILGA held its XXIII World Conference in Geneva, home of the UN Human Rights Council


Patricia Curzi & Stephen Barris
International Lesbian and Gay Association

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