Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Mississauga, Ontario: Palestine House Vandalized

Palestine House Vandalized by Racist, Anti-Palestinian Graffiti

On the morning of
Sunday 26 November 2006, board members of Palestine
House were shocked to discover that the center had been vandalized the previous night with racist, anti-Palestinian graffiti. The words "Jews +
Nazi =
" had been written in large letters on the ground of the parking lot. A large Star of David had been spray-painted near the door of Palestine House.

alestine House is appalled by the association of a religious symbol such as the Star of David with racist graffiti and acts of vandalism. We affirm that our struggle is based on international law, and respect for all -
regardless of religion or ethnicity. We note that this attack occurs in the context of an increasing rise in racist, pro-Zionist organizations such as the Jewish Defense League (JDL). The JDL is an organization
described by the
US government as a rightwing terrorist group. Individual
s openly displaying JDL insignia have attempted to intimidate Palestinians and their supporters at recent demonstrations in Toronto.

The board of P
alestine House reject any attempt to hal
t our work in defending and promoting Palestinian rights. This attack occurs exactly one week before a demonstration is to be held in solidarity with the people
Gaza organized by Palestine House, the Canadian Arab Federation
and the Coalition Against Israeli Apartheid. We urge all supporters to attend this demonstration and proclaim loudly that the Palestinian voice will never be silenced.
Palestine House
3195 Erindale station Rd
Mississauga, Ont
L5C 1Y5

The Mississauga Coalition for Peace and Justice
Open “The Windows of Dissent, in which activists take down the first fences on the streets and in their minds”
-Naomi Klein, GTA Activist

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