Friday, August 11, 2006

Six Nations August 11th update

This is Six Nations spokeswoman Hazel Hill's update following Judge Marshall's controversial (idiotic?) ruling a few days ago:


Good Morning from Grand River.

It's been a few days since Justice Marshall made his ruling that the contempt of court orders must be upheld, and that negotiations were to stop until the people and the barricades have been removed from the site. Obviously that created quite a stir within the Six Nations as well as within the town of caledonia. Tuesday night became a night of venting when residents of Caledonia came down and gathered within about 40' of the main entrance of the reclamation site. the people had gathered at the fire earlier in the evening and concensus had been reached that until such time as the Crowns representatives had officially stated that the talks were off, that we were going to continue toward the August 23rd date that had previously been set aside for talks to continue.

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