Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Peace Vigil in Brampton

This is the Press Release and a photo of the candle-light PEACE VIGIL we held in Brampton on Monday evening, August 7th. I was one of the main organisers of this event.

For Immediate Release

August 9, 2006


Gage Park, Brampton Ontario

When: Monday August 7, 2006 at dusk (8:30)

What: Vigil to call for an end to the senseless violence caused by the conflict between Israel and Lebanon

Who: Amnesty International members, supporters, friends and partner organizations and the Brampton Peace Coalition.

On the evening of Monday August 7, 2006 at dusk approximately 30 supporters gathered at the bandstand in Gage Park to hold a vigil for peace. This event was part of a world- wide vigil for peace sponsored by Amnesty International.

In past weeks we have seen the catastrophic events of the conflict between Israel and Lebanon unfold and magnify into a devastating series of violent atrocities and war crimes. We hear of the hundreds of lives lost, the homes destroyed, the many thousands made homeless, families torn apart and livelihoods crushed. We call for an end to this senseless violence. We stand together with a simple message: For all our sakes, ceasefire.

For more information: Annamarie ......
Jagtar Shergill ..... (contact info blanked out in this post)

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