Sunday, July 16, 2006

Six Nations Delegation Arrested in Grassy Narrows

On July 14, the OPP raided the Grassy Narrows blockade site in Northern Ontario, arresting five Six Nations people who were participating in an Earth Justice gathering, as guests of the Grassy Narrows community. By this aggressive action, the OPP once again violated native jurisdiction over reserve lands and showed their overt disdain for First Nation peoples.

OPP officers raided Grassy Narrows blockade site yesteday [July 14] arresting Six Nations people who had come to participate in a gathering as guests of the Grassy Narrows community. 5 six nations people were detained, 4 were charged. The OPP are targeting 6 nations people and people of colour.

Police cruisers also entered the Grassy Narrows reserve without permission, violating the community's sovereignty and legal jursidiction over their reserve lands. Grassy Narrows Band councilors seized an OPP police cruiser over jurisdictional issues and later released it.

The Six Nations delegation had come to meet with the community of Grassy Narrows and participate in the Earth Justice Gathering - an opportunity for First Nations and supporters to meet, and strategize about protecting the Boreal Forest and Indigenous sovereignty.

Read rest of this article here (Friends of Grassy Narrows: FGN).

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