Tuesday, July 25, 2006

The NDP on Lebanon and Gaza

This is Jack Layton's reply to a letter I had sent to him, expressing my concerns regarding the unfolding crisis in the Middle East, and asking about the NDP's position.

The NDP on Lebanon and Gaza

Thank you for expressing your concerns relating to the tragic developments in the Middle East.

On July 18th I held a press conference where I outlined the NDP’s position on this matter and expressed our disappointment with the slow speed that our government has taken to develop an evacuation plan. Furthermore, I called upon Prime Minister Harper to show some leadership by:

- First, calling for an immediate ceasefire.
- Second, by offering a Canadian Forces contingent to join the UN peace keeping force called for by Secretary General Kofi Annan.

- Third, by developing and executing a plan to provide humanitarian relief to the innocent civilians whose lives have been devastated by this conflict.

In addition, NDP Foreign Affairs and International Development Critic Alexa McDonough wrote Minister of Foreign Affairs MacKay expressing the NDP’s outrage at the Conservative government’s response to the destruction levelled by Israel on the innocent civilians in Gaza and Lebanon.

For more information on the NDP’s efforts on this important matter, please visit:

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Open letter from Alexa McDonough to Foreign Affairs Minister regarding Canada's unbalanced Middle East position

NDP: Harper must call on Bush to urge Israeli end to escalating Gaza offensive

Again, I appreciate hearing from you. All the best.


Jack Layton, MP (Toronto-Danforth)
Leader, New Democratic Party of Canada

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