Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Urgent: Tens of thousands fleeing fighting in Lebanon need immediate help!

This is an urgent plea from World Vision Canada, for funds to help the Lebanese people.

Tens of thousands of families fleeing fighting in Lebanon desperately need our help. Click here to rush food, water, medicine, and other humanitarian assistance to these innocent victims of this conflict.

Click here to rush emergency supplies to terrified and suffering children like one and half year old Aya (right).
An escalation of fighting in the Middle East has forced thousands of families in Lebanon to run for their lives. The United Nations is reporting that over 500,000 are now homeless. Many fled their homes with only the clothes they wore. Children and their families desperately need food, shelter, medical aid, and other care.

Children and women are most at risk. Please respond generously today to help prevent their suffering.

Our relief teams are already on the ground in Lebanon, working around the clock to assist thousands of people with food, water, baby food, and medical and hygiene supplies. We are also helping the most vulnerable families find safe shelter, but many more need our help. The needs are tremendous, and growing rapidly as we face a major humanitarian disaster in the region. We must have help from caring Canadians like you—immediately!

Please respond as generously as you possibly can. Send your gift of $100, $150 or more today. Any amount you give will help rush food, water, health care and other urgently needed assistance to prevent suffering and save lives.

World Vision has been working in Lebanon and Israel-Palestine since 1975. People throughout the region know us and trust us to stand alongside them in their most desperate hours. We are committed to peace, justice, and security for all people in the region—especially the children.

Please help now—rush emergency supplies and save lives!

Thank you for your prayers and caring support.

Dave Toycen
President, World Vision Canada

Click here to donate now and help save lives in Lebanon.

World Vision is Canada's largest relief, development, and advocacy organization. Our passion is to create permanent, positive changes in the lives of children by helping communities overcome poverty and injustice. As followers of Jesus, we are motivated by God's love for all people regardless of race, religion, or gender

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