Thursday, July 20, 2006

From Israel to Lebanon

These are some pictures showing the devastation and carnage caused by Israel's bombs on Lebanon. I did not put the more graphic pictures up here. To see those, click on the headline above, then decide for yourself if Israel's response was 'measured' or excessive. WARNING - THE PHOTOS ARE HIGHLY GRAPHIC AND SHOULD NOT BE VIEWED BY CHILDREN!!

** Click this link to see more pictures:

*** And here:

From The Lebanese People To The So Called “Civilized” World
"Thank You"

The Nazi bombing of London in 1941 - The Israeli bombing of Lebanon in 2006

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My God - I want to inform friends/associates of what is happening-share my disbelief!!!

I'm afraid tho,that if I were to send a link to this page it might create a real disconnect/cringe affect-these are horrifying pictures-however it strengthens my resolve to "act".

If you get the chance-I'd like to hear how you get the word out on this stuff-so delicate!

Seems you're very advanced in your work here.


By Blogger johnfindlaymusic, at 4:27 PM  

The link site is gone---?!

By Blogger johnfindlaymusic, at 9:33 PM  

You are right about the link. However, I found one that works, so here it is:

Thanks for bringing it to my attention. It worked fine when I posted the pictures last night... I'll add this new link to my post now.

I was uncertain about posting the pictures because of their graphic depictions of death and destruction, but then I thought that people should know and see the truth of what war really looks like... It is tragically true that most of the casualties in any war are the innocents: women, children, civilians. There is no such thing as "smart bombs", for bombs can not differentiate between a hospital, school, apartment building or army barracks... This is the reason why I have always been an ardent advocate of PEACE!

As a little girl, I had seen death and destruction in my homeland... It left me to become an anti-war/peace activist.

By Blogger Annamarie, at 10:52 PM  

Annamarie-thank you very-much.

By Blogger johnfindlaymusic, at 11:28 PM  

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