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Canadian Peace Alliance: Lebanon & Gaza Action Events

Call to Action – Saturday, July 22, 2006

July 17, 2006

The Canadian Peace Alliance is demanding that the government of Canada call for an immediate end to the Israeli attacks on Lebanon and Gaza. This escalating conflict may destabilize the entire region and result in a larger war.

Israel’s actions have now killed eight Canadians and hundreds more Lebanese and Palestinians. Stephen Harper’s refusal to condemn these attacks is shameful. We are calling on peace loving groups and individuals to protest against these attacks and the Harper government’s actions this Saturday July 22, 2006.

The Israeli assault on Lebanon is targeting civilians and vital infrastructure resulting in a humanitarian disaster. Each day we hear of more attacks on civilian neighborhoods in Beirut with dozens of innocent people killed.

The situation in Gaza is even worse with infrastructure in a shambles. Recent reports from the Director of Public Relations at Gaza City’s Al Shifa Hospital, Dr. Juma Al Sakka, and the Palestinian Ministry of Health have confirmed that Israel is using chemical weapons against the Palestinian people in Gaza. According to Dr. Al Sakka, "These Israeli bombings are entering the body and fragmenting, causing internal combustion leading to up to fourth degree internal burns, exposing the bone, and affecting the tissue and skin." The international community must condemn this brutality.

The United States is using this escalating conflict to further demonize Iran and Syria. Just as the invasions and occupations of Iraq and Afghanistan are part of a broader campaign, led by the United States government and transnational oil corporations, to assert control over the Middle East and Central Asia, the current conflict in Palestine and Lebanon is being used by the US to justify military aggression against other sovereign states in the area. George Bush was unable to sell yet another bill of goods about weapons of mass destruction in Iran to the global population so he is now using Iranian support for Hezbollah as the smoking gun he needs to justify intervention against Iran.

Canada has thus far been shameful in its support for the aggressive Israeli and US position. By voting against key UN humanitarian resolutions and cutting off funding to the Palestinian Authority after the Hamas victory, the Conservative government of Stephen Harper is showing that it is the willing tool of US ambitions from Afghanistan to Palestine. We in Canada must demand in the name of humanitarianism and Canada's historic diplomatic role that our government reverse its shameful support for US and Israeli aggression.

No to US and Canadian intervention in the Middle East.

End Israel’s Attacks on Gaza and Lebanon!

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NOTE**** This is an incomplete list. Many other groups in Canada are organizing. If you or your group are planning an event please let us know at

Events Listings

Hamilton, ON


Saturday, July 22, 2006

1) Hamilton Demonstration: 1pm demonstration at King & James St, Hamilton (in front of Jackson Square). Brings banners, whistles, drums…

2) Buses to Toronto Demonstration: leaving City Hall, Hamilton at 11am. Contact (905) 387-5538 for more details.

Wednesday, July 26, 2006 from 3:30-5:30pm:
Vigil and leafleting from 3:30pm-5:30pm at King & James, in front of Jackson square.

Saturday, July 29, 2006 at 4pm:
Open Forum Discussion & Speakers "What Can the Canadian People Do". Location TBD.

Kitchener/Waterloo, ON


"Globalization and Imperialism in Latin America and the Middle East: The common struggle of different peoples".
Thursday 20th, 6:30 pm, RCH 305. University of Waterloo.

A. Scarlet Quiroz, Vice-consul of Venezuela in Toronto.
B. Susan Howard Azzeh, Palestinian rights activist; founding member "Building a national voice for Palestinian Canadians"; Chair, Niagara Palestinian Association ( )
C. Rami, President, Students for Palestinian Rights - Waterloo.

2- PROTEST outside Kitchener City Hall, Saturday July 22, 5:00 pm. "Stop Israeli Aggression. End the Gaza Invasion. End the Lebanon Attacks". Peaceful rally for supporting peace and solidarity with the Palestinian people who live under Israeli siege in the Gaza strip and the Lebanese people.

Contact: Alex Psarreas 519-500-3330.

London ON

Rally Against the Attacks on Gaza and Lebanon
Saturday July 22 John Labatt Centre - 99 Dundas St

Montreal, PQ

1. PEACEFUL DEMONSTRATION against the Aggression against Lebanon

Tuesday, 18 July, 5pm
Dorchester Square, at 1155 Metcalfe (corner of Metcalfe and René-Lévèsque)
Called by: University Lebanese Association.
Contact: Wissam Moussa, tel. 514 586 4415,

2. SOLIDARITY CHAIN (info-picket with images of the atrocities) prior to US fireworks
Wednesday, 19 July, gathering at 8pm
Place Jacques Cartier, Vieux Montréal
Called by: Association des jeunes libanais musulmans

Contact: Youssef Hariri, tel. 514 887-7156,

Friday, 21 July, 12pm to 1pm
NW corner of Peel and René-Levesque

Called by: Palestinian and Jewish Unity (PAJU)
**Also, SPHR is planning a rally on this day; details to be confirmed.

Contact (PAJU): Daniel Saykaly, tel. 514 961 3928,
Contact (SPHR): Nasser Abukhdeir, tel 514 991 5146,

Starting after the PAJU vigil, continuing until the rally the following day.
Corner of Peel and René-Lévèsque

Called by: Various groups

Contact: Aaron Lakoff, tel 514 985 2085,

5. INTERNATIONAL DAY OF ACTION in solidarity with people in Lebanon and Gaza
Saturday, 22 July, 2pm

Gather at corner of Peel and René-Lévèsque

Called by: Canadian Muslim Forum

Contact: Mohamed Kamel, tel 514 863 9202,

As increasing numbers are displaced and wounded and civilian infrastructure is destroyed, there will be a huge need for well-directed funds to provide basic survival to people in Lebanon and Gaza. A crisis working group, Relief Center - Spears, has formed in Beirut to support refugees coming into the city:
We will be fund-raising to help with the relief effort and possibly others (to be confirmed).
Contact: Lara di Tomaso, 514 695 0319,

To let the government know that many people are outraged by their support for Israeli war crimes, one or more call-in days will be organised. In addition, flyers will be distributed at all events, urging people to call in to PM Stephan Harper and Foreign Affairs Minister Peter MacKay.

Contact: Nasser Abukhdeir, tel 514 991 5146,

MASS RALLY Saturday, July 22 - 1:00pm
Israeli Consulate - 180 Bloor Street West - (west of Avenue Road, north side of Bloor)

For more info contact

Canada’s vote against the resolution condemning the Israeli attacks, adopted by the U.N. Council on Human Rights in Geneva, is disgraceful, and does not reflect Canadian opinion. We call on the government of Canada to publicly condemn the attacks and to call for an end to the unjust and illegal occupation of Palestinian territories.

Send a letter calling for an end to the Israeli assaults on Gaza and Lebanon to:
Stephen Harper -
Peter McKay -

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