Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Six Nations Update, May 23: Land negotiations postponed; mob participants

Tuesday, May 23, 2006: Land negotiations postponed; mob participants call for military

Land negotiations involving Haudenoniso (Council of Chiefs) and Canadian and Ontario governments scheduled to begin today have been postponed.

David Peterson, Ontario negotiator who has been working on "short term" issues since April, says to press that yesterday's events have "complicated the situation by a large measure" and that it is uncertain when land talks can resume. Caledonia residents who took part in yesterday's mob attack and the Caledonia Citizens Alliance call for military intervention. Schools are closed in Caledonia, Waterford and Simcoe. Residents this morning said to the press they expect another large show of people near the barricade today, but they "couldn't say for sure". The Ontario Provincial Police says, "we're prepared...We've got lots of bodies here."

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The negotiators on both sides need a bit of a break. This has been long and difficult for both sides.

Now that the main road is open, everyone should just take a deep breath and regain their energy for the next round of talks.

Although power has been restored, we have been advised that there will be rotating outages until everything is fixed.

The negotiators never really got the weekend off, so I think they deserve a little R&R.

P.S. What barricade are they going to meet at, I thought it was down and traffic was flowing?

By Blogger localyokel, at 12:45 PM  

That was yesterday's update, by the looks of it. That barricade has come down since the article was written.

Guess I'm running behind on my updates. Have been busy with work and family obligations. Haven't had too much time here at the computer.

I really hope the negotiations don't break down again and that they proceed well. Everyone is weary and fed up with this situation, I'm sure. The protesters don't enjoy being away from their families, work, etc. just to camp out at the protest site, and surely the citizens of Caledonia just want things to get back to some semblance of normalcy. Let's hope no more outside thugs are allowed to wreak further havoc, create disturbances and stall the process.

The citizens need to be vigilant and not fall prey to the trouble-makers. Talks must continue peacefully and uninterrupted. It is in the best interest of everyone that this issue is solved expeditiously and in a sane, peaceful manner. Then the community can work on rebuilding the broken relationships with their Native neighbours, and hopefully co-exist once again in peace and harmony.

Bigotry and hatred only propagates the same and has no place in a civilised, humane, equitable, just society. Let's keep in mind that we are all members of the same race: the "human race". Instead of dwelling on the differences that divide us, why not celebrate the similarities that unite us?

By Blogger Annamarie, at 1:51 AM  

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