Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Globe and Mail: 'Caledonia Tensions Reach Boiling Point'

Native blockade near Hamilton removed, then put back up; thousands left in the dark after power transformer vandalized 3:38 AM (11)

This is from one of the mainstream media's take on the latest Six Nations events. It is from today's Globe and Mail.

Caledonia tensions reach boiling point


Canadian Press

Caledonia, Ont. — Violence erupted at the site of an aboriginal land-claim protest Monday as non-aboriginal area residents, frustrated by a roadblock that has divided the community, lashed out.

The aboriginal protesters had briefly dismantled their barricade early in the day, a sign of goodwill after the province pledged last week to indefinitely halt development on a plot of disputed land.

It had been hoped the move would mark the beginning of the end of the divisive dispute, but the blockade was cleared for only a few moments before the situation degenerated into a series of sometimes bloody skirmishes that lasted all day.

Read more of this article here.

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